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Spring 6 Week Challenge Round Up

Spring 6 Week Challenge Round Up


Huge start to the 2016 Spring 6-Week Body Challenge on Bondi Beach!

We started the Saturday Fat Burn series with a Cross Training workout followed by a bodyweight finisher.

It was a close finish in the team relay, with the red team just edging out the blues and whites to take the first win. It looks like this challenge will be a close one.

Well done everyone for powering through a tough workout.

1 down and 5 to go… See you at Cooper Park for the Stairway to Heaven Workout.

Bondi Week 1

Bondi 6WB Workout

Bondi Sunrise


Week 2 of the 6-week challenge done!

The workout was split into 3 phases; stairs, run and strength… the Cooper Park stairs always offer a challenging workout for our DF crew.

Another win for reds this week with a little bit of luck from the deck of cards, the reds are now leading the series 2-0-0.

But, there’s still plenty of time for the blues and whites to make a comeback.

2 down and 4 to go… Have a great week and I’ll see you Saturday in Queens Park for Rope Mania.

Blue Team

Red Team

White Team

Week 3 – ROPE MANIA!

Week 3 of the 6 week challenge done, and as always a real challenging workout for our transformers.

The session consisted of 60 minutes of team rope training on Queens Park’s large rolling hills.

For the 3rd week in a row the red team won this weeks team game with a 200 meter rope sprint to the finishing line.

3 down and 3 to go, we’re now at the critical 21 day mark… the next 7 days will make or break you – stick with it this week and you’ll be there for the finish.

Have a great week and I’ll see you next week at the SUPAHILLS!

Rope Mania

Rope Mania Blue and Red Team

Rope Mania White Team


4 Weeks into the challenge and we’re now beginning to separate the men from the boys (or ladies from the girls).

Over a dozen sprints completed by each transformer combined with cross training for good measure.

The white team won this weeks team game, closing the gap on the reds to 3-1-0… with two more Saturday sessions to go and everything still to play for!

Have a great week and I’ll see you on Saturday for the big one and the one we’ve all be waiting for – Balmoral Burn!

Supa Hill

6WB Singlet

Ches from the Blue Team


Well done to everyone who made it to Balmoral Beach on Saturday, an excellent turnout from the DF Crew!

Week 5 is always the toughest and this week was no different.

With the Cronulla Sand Dunes closed for an event where better to hold week 5 than the Balmoral Burn.

A massive 420 meter hill with beach training thrown in for good measure.

Well done to the Blue Team for winning this weeks team game, the series now 3-1-1 with the Reds leading.

5 down and 1 to go… this week is the last round of the challenge with the final weigh-ins and workout at Kippax Lake.

See you soon!

Balmoral Burn

Eline at the Balmoral Burn

Balmoral Beach

Week 6 – THE FINAL!

Well done to everyone who made it to the final on Saturday in the rain.

The Dangerously Fit 6 week challenge is more than just a weight loss program… we designed the challenge to change you mentally, physically and to program new habits into your lifestyle that you can continue long after the challenge has finished.

As usual, only the most focused and dedicated members finished the 6 weeks, and we had many fantastic results at the weigh in.

A big congratulations to our winners Graeme and Marianne… and to the red team who won the team event 4-1-1!

6WB Winners Graeme and Marianne

Here are the winners results;

Graeme lost 13.1 kilos and 14.04% of his total bodyweight 👏

Marianne lost 9.7 kilos and 11.93 of her total bodyweight 👏

All this in just 6 weeks!

Check Out Graeme’s Results Here:

Check out Marianne’s Results Here:

Till our Summer challenge in January 2017!

Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Hi Guys!

I hope you are as excited as I am that the Spring is here!!  But seriously, how lucky did we get to have such a  great winter with just a few chili days.

Now it’s time to ditch all the bad habits and old excuses  (you know what I mean;)) come out  and  enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while you train with us.  I mean, what can be better than outdoor training?

Recent studies confirmed that the only known major side effects of outdoor training  are: increased energy, positive mental state, and greater feeling of revitalization. And, if you are one of our “early risers”, you’ll get to witness the most beautiful sunrises, too !!

Now, let’s get busy!! All our programs are kicking off AGAIN in September!

We have 9 months of warm weather to look forward to and NOW is the perfect time for you to get that body back in shape for your summer clothes.

Congratulations To Our Two Autumn 6-Week Body Challenge Winners… Darcy and Trina

Darcy & Trina

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Autumn 6-week body challenge.

Dangerously Fit is very proud to announce and to congratulate two of our winners, Darcy and Trina!

Darcy,  (left), has lost 9.6 kilos and 9.2% of his total body weight in 6 weeks.

Trina (right) has won her 2nd challenge in a row losing 8.8 kilos and 10.6% of her total body weight in 6 weeks.

Trina has now lost 15 kilos total during the last 2 challenges!

Awesome effort guys!!

Spring 6-Week Body Challenge

DF 6WB Sept

DON’T PANIC!! Most people tend to pack on a few kilos during winter. I know weight gain can be very uncomfortable in every aspect of daily life, especially when it takes 45 minutes or longer to find something to wear because nothing fits right. I am here to help you lose that unwanted weight.

GET BUSY and sign up for our upcoming Sydney 6-Week Body Challenge which is kicking off SEPTEMBER 24th!

As usual, we are limiting this program to the first 150 people to register on a first come first serve basis! We limit 150 people into the program so we can give you a personalized service with your very own food diaries each week.

The 6-Week Body Challenge is FREE to all existing Dangerously Fit members on our unlimited training package.

New Members: Can register online at: https://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/register/

*Existing Dangerously Fit members book your spot now at admin@dangerouslyfit.com.au or call 1300 557 735.

Or click here for more info: http://www.6weekbody.com.au/sydney-challenge/

Here’s a quick video of some of our past Dangerously Fit clients…


C2S Team Sept

Well done to everyone running last week’s  City2surf  as well as big thanks to Michael for putting together such a nice program for our DF crew.

DF Elite

DF Elite Sept

We are getting ready to launch, yet, another Saturday of successful  DF ELITE training program  for those of you participating in this year’s tough Mudder  event in October.

This Program is FREE to all existing Dangerously Fit members on our unlimited training package and $197 to non-members.

To sign up for this training program email admin@dangerouslyfit.com.au or call 1300 557 735 for more info.

Dangerously Fit is Coming to the Gold Coast!

Gold Coast

Sign up to experience what it’s like to train with the best in the business.

Visit our website for more information about our programs at http://goldcoast.dangerouslyfit.com.au

For more information email us at admin@dangerouslyfit.com.au or call 1300 557 735.

We are here to make a difference!

DF Photo Gallery

Week 1 Queens May

6 Week Body Week 1 in Queens Park

Week 2 Hill May

6 Week Body Week 2 in Moore Park

Week 3 Stairs May

6 Week Body Week 3 in Cooper Park

Week 4 Ropes May

6 Week Body Week 4 in Queens Park

Week 5 Sand Dunes May

6 Week Body Week 5 : Bart and the Crew at Cronulla Sand Dunes

C2S Hurt break hill training

City2Surf Team ready to hit the heart break Hill

Spartan May

Jeremy, Michael and Karen at Spartan Race

Spartan Michael

Michael in action at Spartan Race

How many mondays

Yes, how many exactly??

The boss

One of Dan’s Favorite Quotes..

Bondi box May

Bondi Boxing Session

Maroubra Beach taken By Franc Biffone

Setting up in Maroubra, thanks Franc for this amazing shot

Domain box may

Domain Crew at Boxing

RB lake with Keith

We told you.. We train rain hail or shine! Keith in action at Rushcutters Bay


Food for thought….

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Dangerously Fit T-shirts are now for sale, choose your color;
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DF Tshirt

Lastly…. a big thank you to everyone that referred a friend to Dangerously Fit.

We rely on word of mouth and appreciate you helping us spread the word.

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Thank You!!!

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Wishing you the best of health,

Dan Clay
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Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Works Out at LA park
Photo Credit: sarcasm.net

A Peek Into Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Pregnancy Workout

The ‘Client List’ star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is glowing while in her pregnancy. She is pregnant with her first child from fiancé, Brian Hallisay and she was seen working out at a park in Los Angeles with her personal trainer. Her personal trainer keeps her fit and in shape before the baby arrives.

The pregnant actress was seen lifting weights and performed some squats throughout the workout session. She enjoyed doing a low-impact workout with an exercise ball that matches her lavender workout pants.

 Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Works Out at LA park Photo Credit: sarcasm.net

Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Works Out at LA park
Photo Credit: sarcasm.net


As we all know, staying physically active while you’re pregnant goes a long way to having a healthy and safe delivery, and it also allows you to recover to your pre-baby shape very quickly. You need to be very mindful of your health since you are now living for two; thus, a pregnant woman should do only some easy and simple exercises that are safe and effective.

Exercising during pregnancy can help your body in so many ways. It makes you feel much more relaxed and comfortable on your changing body; on top of that, it will give you a renewed energy to deal with the discomforts of childbearing. Moreover, doing some light stretching can reduce the pain and discomforts. It also helps your body to prepare for motherhood.

For an expectant mother, being healthy and fit has never been easy. Here’s a report from eonline.com on JLo. Hewitt’s pregnancy workout.
Pregnant women have to look for the right workouts that won’t harm both you and your baby. Although there are so many forms of exercises suitable for pregnant women, it is still important that you have to consult your OB/GYN first.
Dangerously fit does not have any programs especially intended for pregnant women currently, but we assure you that we have a good track record in helping lots of women lose their post-baby bulges successfully.  Be part of Dangerously Fit  and get your pre-baby body back in great shape!

The Connection Between Exercise And Sleep
Photo Credit: www.fitsugar.com

Exercise And Sleep: How They Work Together

The Benefits of Exercise – Better Sleep!

Sleep is a vital function that affects both mind and body. For many of us, 7-8 hours of sleep is great for our ability to focus and handle stressful situations calmly. Insufficient sleep over a long time may be detrimental to your health. If you often suffer from lack of sleep or even more severe bouts of insomnia, you might not know that getting moreexercise through the day can certainly help you sleep much better at night.

Good quality sleep can help you prepare to deal with day-to-day stressors and endure them, and exercise is a known stress reliever. The level of exercise that you exert through the day is among the key ingredients to helping you get a better sleep at night.

Planning a routine workout program that can help you stay fit is not enough if you will not adhere to it after. Planning is not enough if you will not be getting it done, so when you set up a program, ensure that you also take action. With the set of tailored routines, it will surely put your body in the right path and will improve the health and wellness we have yearned for.

The Connection Between Exercise And Sleep Photo Credit: www.fitsugar.com

The Connection Between Exercise And Sleep
Photo Credit: www.fitsugar.com

Regular exercising and a good night sleep, doing them together will work in the most beneficial way that they can for our body and health. This makes us function well and do work in the best of our capacity and ability.

The best time to work out for better sleep is within the late afternoon or early evening. Make sure your energy reserves are worn-out well before sleeping – that way your body can ready itself for sleep.

Here’s an article from Rosie Gollancz of hivehealthmedia.com on the effects of lack of sleep and why it may actually be detrimental to your fitness level.

Exercise For a Great Night’s Sleep

Get Fitter by Sleeping More

“Recently published research on young adults supported the link between perceived physical fitness and quality of sleep. This might sound obvious to you but the fact is that we have become numb to reserving more and more time for daytime activities at the expense of exercise or even worse, sleep.”

With regular exercise, you will observe that your quality of sleep has improved, and the shift between the phases and cycles of sleep becomes smoother and more normal. Keeping up your regular work out during the day, can help you deal with stress and worries of your life much easier.

 By following a regular exercise routine, you will see many changes and health benefits, and most of all improved quality of sleep. Sydney Boot Camp can help you with your workout routine and you can avail of their 2-week trial for only $1. 

The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

Lunchtime Bootcamps For Employees

What do you think about going through intense bootcamp exercises on your lunch break? That’s exactly what the employees of Capricornian committed to two times a week for 5 weeks.

A lot of people can’t find the time to work out during work days and are feeling too tired during the weekends to sign up for any fitness program. This is what Vector Health had in mind when they decided to give a lunchtime fitness bootcamp a trial run. Capricornian was the first to give it a test drive.

The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

According to Vector Health’s Athletic Department director, Genn Hansen, Lunchtime Bootcamps can greatly benefit an office worker. Here are some of the benefits that he mentioned:

Benefits Of Lunch Time Bootcamp

1.High Intensity Workouts Will Boost Endorphins

When subjected to rigorous exercise, our bodies release what we call endorphins which cause us to feel good. Employees would be able to go back to their work with renewed enthusiasm and may even produce better results in their tasks.

2.The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

The office atmosphere can sometimes be filled with too much busy-ness, stress and tension due to deadlines, client complaints, meetings, campaigns and events. Taking some time off from all of that and focusing on something else for several minutes can relax you and prepare you to go back to work with better focus and objectivity.

3.It’s a chance for time poor people to exercise

Time poor people refers to people who either have bad time management skills, or those who simply have too much responsibilities on their shoulders that they almost have no time to breathe.
A lot of these people come home to more responsibilities. A bootcamp scheduled at lunch time can be a productive way for them to spend their spare time.

Here’s the main article on The Morning Bulletin:

Capricornian Gives Lunchtime Bootcamp A Trial Run

Employees at The Capricornian are the first to test out the new lunchtime bootcamp.

Tanya Wright and her colleagues didn’t mind the first session, despite being a bit sore.

“It’s really good; it makes it easier to get through a day’s work.”

If you feel that you’re less productive at the office, perhaps what you need is a good set of high intensity workouts. Signing up for a bootcamp would be a good way to go.

Sometimes, all you really need is a jumpstart on a good fitness plan. Show up once and you just might find yourself showing up every single time. Register for our Sydney bootcamps and get that body movin’ towards a healthy, more productive lifestyle.

Dangerously fit group personal training at its best

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins Butt & Thigh Exercises

Are you searching for effective exercises for your thighs that you can do within the comforts of your home? We’re recently come across a video on personal trainer and New Balance ambassadress, Holly Perkins demonstrating some really cool, butt and thigh exercises on Fit Sugar.


Dangerously fit group personal training at its best

Dangerously fit group personal training at its best

The Best 3 Of Holly Perkins’ Butt & Thigh Exercises

1.Butt Isolator

This workout will help you target your glutes.

With your feet together, position yourself as you would in a squat, as if you’re about to sit and with your knees bent.

For balance, you can stretch out your arms in front of you, with your hands folded together; or you can let them rest on your thighs.

Lift your right leg to the back, taking time to squeeze your butt before putting the feet back down. Do reps of 8.

Shift to the other leg. Remember to stay low on your supporting leg so that its thigh is also getting a workout.

2. Crouching Lunge

We just love this one!
Crouch down on your toes with your hands touching the floor.

Pull your right leg back as a runner would at the starting line; then pull it back to first position. Do the other leg.

3. Reverse Lunge and Kick

This workout is very effective for the inner thighs, as well.

Lower yourself once more in a squat position while balancing yourself with your hands clasped together in front of you or resting on your waist or hips.

Pull your right leg to the back, toward the back of the opposite leg as you would do in a curtsy, then kick to the right, pushing on your heel instead of your toes. Control your leg lift, do not trash it up; then pull back into curtsy. Do in reps of 8 before shifting to the other leg.

For a total body workout, here’s another video featuring celebrity trainer, Holly Perkins:

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins’ Total Body Workout

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins


Let’s first talk about who celebrity trainer Holly Perkins is. She’s been a celebrity trainer for more than 16 years, with no other than Billy Crystal, Howard Stern, Susan Ward and Adrian Grenier for clients.

Being a New Balance endorser, Holly Perkins had come up with the Pink Ribbon Workout Series which featured 3 sets of workouts intended for walkers, runners and for people who participate in Races for the Cure – an event geared to contribute to a research program (Susan G. Komen for the Cure) for causes and treatments for breast cancer.

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins has been featured on respected magazines such as Health and Shape and has even appeared on the pages of The Wall Street Journal. She has been invited to guest in shows such as Good Morning America and ABC 7 Los Angeles.

If you want to learn more effective exercises for your thighs and butt, or better yet, experience an exhilarating full body workout, register for our boot camps in Sydney.