Fitness Industry Re-Opens Post Covid-19

Fitness Industry Re-Opens Covid-19

Finally…. Gyms, boot camps and fitness studios across Australia are beginning to open the doors again. The past few months have been the most testing but in many ways rewarding of my 17-year career in the fitness industry. At the Dangerously Fit Academy we’ve put more emphasis on our online courses and fitness equipment and…

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We’re exactly at the winter half way mark now, so far it’s been pretty mild… thankfully. Only a few more weeks and the mornings will start to get a little lighter. Between our boot camps, online coaching programs and weekend workshops it’s been a crazy few months at DF. AUTUMN 6-WEEK CHALLENGE WINNERS As usual,…


Fed up with yo-yo dieting??

I’ve been getting a few questions recently about the latest weight loss shake doing the rounds here in Australia. Basically, people want to know if it’s a load of BS or if they should give it a go. First though, you gotta understand how weight loss actually works. For you to be the weight that…


Cheap is the new expensive

Whenever I ‘m cheap it always ends up being expensive. In the past week, two cheap kettlebells I bought less than a year ago completely broke in two.  Kettlebells are cast iron and should last for life. Compare that to the first ever kettlebell I bought 15-years ago, it was expensive and I still have…


6 Week Challenge Starts April 27th!

We’re the ONLY Sydney Fitness Program Who Cares Enough About Your Results to Pay for Your Body Transformation! Yes That’s Correct… If You Successfully Complete the Transformation – It’s FREE! Join The DANGEROUSLY FIT 6-WEEK CHALLENGE ❌ Tired of running on the same treadmill. ❌ Tired of the same PT’s who seem more interested in…

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Happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome weekend. The clocks went back yesterday… finally, it’s so good to see the sunrise again at boot camp in the mornings. The next month is going to be crazy busy at Dangerously Fit. We have our Autumn 6-Week Challenge, kids boot camp, Sydney kettlebell certification, City2Surf training…