gold coast commonwealth games

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Over the weekend I tuned into the Gold Coast Commonwealth games on the TEEVEE. Watching these fantastic athletes perform you can’t help but be inspired about their mental toughness. The early morning workouts… the rigorous training programs… the discipline to say no to alcohol, bad food choices and late nights. Working everyday to run faster,…


Pleasure vs happiness

Pleasure is eating chocolate cake and getting an instant sugar rush. Happiness is not eating chocolate cake and walking around a kilo lighter without guilt and a sick feeling in the stomach. Pleasure is spending 30-minutes on Facebook getting your dopamine hit. Happiness is investing 30-minutes reading a book, increasing your knowledge and expanding your…

train in the rain

Doing the uncomfortable

This morning was a wet and windy workout on Bondi Beach. I always find a sense of satisfaction training outdoors in the elements whilst everyone else is at home in bed. In a weird kinda way it makes me feel more a live. Which got me thinkin about the DF crew that are always there……


7-Day Dad Bod Challenge

Our FREE online 7-day Dad Body Challenge kicked off today helping fathers over 40 rid themselves of the dreaded dad bod. If you’re a father over 40 and want to drop a few kilos fast, it’s not to late jump on board. You can join the challenge for FREE at:

Thailand 7-day Health and Fitness Retreat (1)

Thailand Fitness Boot Camp

Don’t Pack On The Kilos This Xmas… Become Dangerously Fit! Thailand 7-day Health and Fitness Retreat. Xmas is coming soon and with it the festive season. At no other time of year will you drink more, eat more and exercise less. So instead of sitting around this Xmas packing on the kilos, why not use…