7-Day Dad Bod Challenge

Our FREE online 7-day Dad Body Challenge kicked off today helping fathers over 40 rid themselves of the dreaded dad bod. If you’re a father over 40 and want to drop a few kilos fast, it’s not to late jump on board. You can join the challenge for FREE at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dangerouslyfitdads/


How To Perform Step Ups

Overview Step ups are another excellent exercise for developing single leg strength and stability. Unilateral movements such as step-ups target both sides of the body equally helping to correct any muscle imbalances. Use a lower box to target the quads and a higher box for more glute and hamstring activation. Teaching Points 1. Hold the…

Thailand 7-day Health and Fitness Retreat (1)

Thailand Fitness Boot Camp

Don’t Pack On The Kilos This Xmas… Become Dangerously Fit! Thailand 7-day Health and Fitness Retreat. Xmas is coming soon and with it the festive season. At no other time of year will you drink more, eat more and exercise less. So instead of sitting around this Xmas packing on the kilos, why not use…


Exercises You Can Do On The Trampoline

Exercise should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like it’s too strict, rigid and restrictive. It should be something enjoyable or you won’t last 2 days of your workout. A trampoline had easily become a popular trend in today’s fitness. Not only does it help relieve childhood memories, it is also an effective fat blaster. Even stars…


Fitness Instructor Found Stabbed In India

Brit Fitness Instructor Killed By Drug-Crazed Dutch A British Fitness Instructor was recently stabbed to death in India. 24-year old Sarah Groves was staying at a houseboat-type hotel inSrinagarfor about a month before she was murdered by Dutch Richard De Wit who checked into the hotel two days prior to the incident. De Wit was allegedly high…