Standard Regulations For Boot Camps

Complaints being raised against boot camps and fitness groups being hazards in public places such as parks and beaches is old news. According to a 2005 post in The Sydney Morning Herald,  former Mayor of Manly, Peter Macdonald, called for the ban of outdoor fitness and boot camp activities that same year. The phenomenal success of…


Zumba Fitness Instructor In Trial For Prostitution

Alexis Wright seemed like a regular Zumba fitness instructor until the community of people from Portland found out that everything that they were seeing had been a lie. Behind it all is a thriving prostitution business. Ms. Wright will be facing the charges against her which included engaging in prostitution, promotion of prostitution, conspiracy with…

bring a friend free week

Bring a Friend FREE Week

This week Dangerously Fit is running a special promotion! ’Bring a Friend Week’… which starts today and runs till Saturday 29th July. What’s this about you ask? Here’s how it works… If you have a buddy you’d like to train with, just get them to email us before 29th July and they can train for…


Xmas In July Special Offer

Kick Start Your Training Before Summer Arrives and Get Your Dream Beach Body With our Xmas in July Special Offer. Yes, you heard it folks… Santa is coming early this year and in the Xmas spirit, we’re giving all our Dangerously Fit friends an early present. Sign up to Dangerously Fit before 31st July and…


Winter Newsletter

Winter is finally here… and so far it’s been kind to us, hopefully, the good weather continues for a couple more months! It’s been a while since my last newsletter…. I’ve just got back from an extended trip to Spain to see my family, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since my last trip,…


It’s your fault you’re fat

WARNING: This post is controversial; if you’re easily offended DO NOT continue reading. Recently I was in a busy deal that went sour. My business partner didn’t honor promises which cost me a lot of time and money. At no time did I ever I blame my partner though, the fault was mine. There’s an…