Get Fit in a Gladesville Bootcamp

When it comes to weight loss, one of the biggest challenges is losing weight fast, or on a deadline. It is difficult to overhaul your diet and exercise regimen so that you lose weight quickly, and even harder to keep up those changes long enough to see meaningful results. Although lots of people would like…


TROGA – TRX Yoga Fusion

Yoga is an excellent fitness discipline for strength, toning, flexibility as well as for relaxation. With its great flexibility, the TRX suspension trainer is a good match with yoga and gives great support to suit more advanced moves. Troga is a form of yoga developed recently. It is a combination of TRX and yoga. TRX is a strength training that…


Paula Deen’s Weight Loss Tips

Food Network’s TV Personality, Paula Deen is one of tinsel town’s topic nowadays, having had a significant weight loss of 60 lbs in light of her diabetes II diagnosis. The star cook and author of 14 recipe books had been all over various TV shows and magazines, sharing some of her secrets but sticks to…


Anne Hathaway’s Risky Weight Loss

Weight Loss for Movie Roles Anne Hathaway had recently been bombarded with questions regarding her controversial weight loss for her role as Fantine in the movie, Les Miserables. Everyone was dying to know how she did it to which she refused to answer, stating that she wouldn’t want to mis-lure other weight-conscious girls into taking…



We’re getting some crazy weather here in Sydney at the moment, but don’t let that get in the way of your training.. it just makes you appreciate the fantastic weather we’re all so used to…. which by the way is forecast to return later in the week. With all the summer BBQ’s & parties out…

21 day rapid fat loss

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

Dr. Maltz from Psycho-Cybernetics is famous for saying it takes 21 days to form a good habit. So to help you form new good habits and remove old bad habits we’re putting on a 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program. Often getting started is the hardest part – so this program will help kickstart your…