Fitness Guidelines According To Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson

Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson is one of the most in-demand fitness trainers in Hollywood. Among his roster of globally-famous celebrity clients are Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Minka Kelly, Sylvester Stallone and many influential athletes. Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson Workout Personal Trainer Gunnar Peterson points out in his interview with that people do have the…


Overall Health, Fitness, and Well-Being

How Does Healthy Eating and Physical Fitness Affect Your Physical and Mental Health? Nowadays, with an impressive number of reports in relation to the soaring obesity rates, ailments and diseases about being obese and out-of-shape, it is difficult to disregard the significance of fitness as well as well-being in our lives. Medical experts attribute diabetes,…


Why is Fitness Important for the Police?

Physical Fitness and Law Enforcement Obesity is a result of sedentary lifestyles with poor and unhealthy diets. Those who are overweight or obese have to know what causes obesity and its health risk. There are lots of harmful effects of obesity towards the health of an individual. It may lead to the development of several…


Benefits Of Breathing Exercises

Breathing has benefits all on its own When we talk about exercise, we usually refer to physical activities such as running, jumping swimming, calisthenics or sports. We seldom think about breathing unless we breach the topics of Yoga or Pilates. It’s a common thing to take for granted something that we do automatically. How many of…


Making 30 Minutes Of Exercise Count

Burning Calories With Ample Amount Of Exercise A total of 20-30 minutes of exercise is being promoted nowadays by many fitness experts, practitioners and institutions. Even the Australian government had taken to encouraging its citizens on taking on that much exercise to battle the growing rate of obesity. However, it seems that the 20-30 minutes of exercise…


Work Out Your Body, Exercise Your Brain

Exercise does not only develop your physique; through the years, there have been studies that have proven that physical activity also develops the heart. But did you know that the heart is not the only internal organ benefiting hugely from the workouts? When we do exercises, it affects our brains in a good way.