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Dangerously Fit MMA Training

MMA has revolutionised the world of combat sports and with it revolutionised the world of fitness training, MMA fighters are amongst the fittest and strongest athletes in the world. …And now we’re bringing MMA training to Dangerously Fit. Our MMA conditioning classes will offer a new dimension to your traditional training program with new exercises…


Exercises That Work The Abs

Who doesn’t want to have great abs? When we see someone who’s got some nice, firm abs, we immediately get curious on what sort of exercises he or she had done to work on it. Several years ago, crunches were the top and only solution to having tight abs; but that’s no longer the case. …


Exercise – The Best Medicine

It is a safe bet to note that almost all people have a love-hate relationship with exercise. Despite the fact that we have been constantly reminded of its significance by our doctors, the media, and not to mention our families and friends, we use a lot of reasons to disregard the numerous health benefits in which…