Fitness With Roller Skates

Guess what’s making a comeback to the small world of fitness? Oh alright, don’t guess, just read the title. That’s right – the skates have made its way back and begging to be introduced to the young generation. When was the last time there were skates? Early 80s? Several years ago, roller blades were invented and…


Exercise – Great Remedy For Arthritis

Exercise to Alleviate Joint Pain and Stiffness Do you have joint pain or arthritis? Perhaps too scared and anxious to exercise? You can find lots of arthritis pain treatment methods widely available in the market nowadays, and many of which are in the form of pharmacological drugs or agents. Analgesics or pain relievers are the…


Beauty Bootcamp Is No Makeup Session

What better way is there to break the Miss Congeniality movie mentality on beauty pageants than to put the women through a military-styled bootcamp? Clad in baggy, unflattering fatigues, with some sporting black face paint, contestants of this year’s Miss Manchester reported for a day of army style workout.