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DF Elite – Last Workout of 2013

Thanks for coming down to Bondi on Saturday – a great turnout for the last DF Elite class of 2013. A solid workout including strength, high intensity cardio, soft sand training and heaps of other fun stuff thrown in. We’ll be back again with more Tough Mudder and Spartan training programs early next year, so I look forward to…

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How To Stop Emotional Binge Eating

Sad to say, binge eating is a prevalent problem these days. Even individuals, who doesn’t have an eating disorder, fall victim to this habit of overeating, as well as, compulsive eating, according to the report. On the other hand, if you are falling into this habit quite often, or maybe any of the following situations…


Boot Camp Noise In City Parks

Boot Camp Training in the Park Regardless if you are seriously active in the fitness world or rarely exercise, you have probably heard so much about boot camp training. It is often held outdoors which is the perfect setting for them. People head to fitness camps as they are far more inexpensive, they can work…


How to Spot a Fad Diet

If want to lose weight, it is usually a breeze to get tempted by unhealthy dietary fads that only sabotage your hard work and efforts. However, if you would like to achieve success at shedding weight, you must avoid gimmicks and fads. The best way in losing weight and maintain it is the healthy way.…


Lose Weight with Weight Loss Sprays

Weight loss is really a desire for a lot of people these days. Some individuals try to shed weight to improve their health; others prefer to look great, usually turning to extreme methods to be able to attain the size zero. You can find well-established techniques to shed weight; most popular particularly are exercise and…