steel club double rock it

Steel Club Double Rock It

Overview When you’re comfortable with the Single Steel Club Rock-it, try the Double Steel Club Rock-it. Always learn club movements with one clubbell before moving onto two clubs. Use a light clubbell for the warm up or a heavier steel club as part your conditioning workout. Teaching Points Begin in the silverback position. Keep your…

steel club single rock it

Steel Club Single Rock It

Overview Once you have mastered the Two Handed Steel Club Rock-it, the next step is the Single Steel Club Rock-it. This is a great exercise working the legs and working and the core. Teaching Points Keep your arm locked out and your shoulder packed down. Keep your core braced and your spine neutral throughout the…

5x5 workout

Steel Club 5 x 5 x 5 Workout

Instructions: Perform 5 reps of 5 steel club exercises for 5 sets with a 50 second rest between stets. Exercises: Steel Club Single Clean (each side) Steel Club Swing Squat Steel Club Single Side Rock-it (each side) Steel Club Lunge & Twist (each side) Steel Club Single Shoulder Cast (each side) Enjoy 😉 Wishing you…

beginner workout

Steel Club Singles Beginner Workout

Instructions: Perform 10 reps of each steel club exercise for 3-sets with a 60-second rest between sets. Exercises: Steel Club Single Rock-it Steel Club Single Swing Steel Club Single Shoulder Clean Steel Club Single Swipes Steel Club Single Arm Cast Steel Club Single Torch Press Repeat exercises on other arm. Perform 2 more sets. Enjoy…

Steel Club Shoulder Cast

Single Steel Club Shoulder Cast

The steel club shoulder cast is very challenging because not only do you have the leverage disadvantage of the club, you also have the disadvantage of having the clubs pointed 45 degrees away from the body. Teaching Points Keep your shoulders packed down, your core tight and glutes squeezed. Some thoracic extension is allowed with…

kettlebell shovelling swing

Kettlebell Shovelling Swing

A similar exercise to the two kettlebell handed swing, except the kettlebell shovelling swing also combines some thoracic rotation with the hip hinge. An excellent athletic movement that will build a powerful core, strong hips and adds some variety to the traditional swing. Enjoy! Wishing you the best of health, Dan Clay Dangerously Fit

Steel Mace Workshop

Sydney Functional Strength Masterclass

Thank you to everyone who attended the Functional Strength Masterclass in Sydney yesterday. During the workshop we went through the principles and fundamentals of kettlebell, clubbell and steel mace training. These unconventional strength training methods are excellent for building real world functional strength. If you would like to learn more about our courses and workshops,…