Bulgarian Bag Swings

Overview Similar to the kettlebell swing, the Bulgarian bag swing can be used as a transitional exercise used within a complex or flow, or for strengthening the posterior chain. Teaching Points Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the bag resting against your legs and the main handles pointing upwards. Hinge the hips whilst…

Bulgarian bag military press

Bulgarian Bag Military Press

Overview The Bulgarian bag military press is a very effective upper body strengthening exercise that works the shoulders through the full range of motion, increases shoulder stability and builds core strength. Teaching Points Start with the bag in the front rack position with your feet shoulder width apart and well grounded. Keep your spine neutral…

Bulgarian bag lunges

Bulgarian Bag Lunges

Overview Bulgarian bag lunges are a unilateral exercise that improves balance and coordination. The bag can be held in various positions which will challenge the body in different ways. Many beginners find forward lunges more challenging to perform so we always start with reverse lunges. Teaching Points Start with the Bag in the Zercher position.…

Bulgarian bag good mornings

Bulgarian Bag Good Mornings

Overview Bulgarian bag good mornings are another excellent hip hinge movement that work the posterior chain muscles and especially the hamstrings. A very similar movement to Romanian deadlifts but due to the extra leverage of the load being held further away from the fulcrum (hips), far less weight is required. Teaching Points Halo the bag…

Bulgarian Bag Deadlift

Bulgarian Bag Deadlift

Overview Bulgarian bag deadlifts are an important exercise for any training program and is the technique used to pick the bag up from the floor for many Bulgarian bag lifting exercises.  Teaching Points Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Place the bag on the floor in front of you resting up against…


Bulgarian Bag Squats

Overview The Bulgarian bag can be held a number of ways when performing Bulgarian bag squats, holding the bag with different holds will challenge the body in different ways. For example, holding the bag on one shoulder will unilaterally challenge the core whereas the Zercher hold will target the arms and shoulders more. Experiment holding…

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Hey, Dan here from Dangerously Fit. It’s been a while! I’ve been quietly working hard on some awesome new courses and training tools we’ll be launching very soon! But first… It’s been a really busy couple of months so I went to get you caught up with some of the latest updates and announcements at…


Aqua Bag Mills

Aqua bag mills are an excellent exercise for building circular shoulder strength and rotational core strength. Start with the side swipe and then build up to the full movement, start with Bulgarian bag if you need to before progressing onto the Aqua bag.