Meet The Team

Dan Hello and welcome,

My name is Dan Clay and I’m the founder and owner of Dangerously Fit.

For the last 12 years Dangerously Fit has transformed thousands of people with a simple no-nonsense approach to diet and short high intensity workouts that work in the real world.

I’ve been featured on national T.V, Radio and have been featured in dozens of local and national magazines, recently I was voted in the top 100 of all time most influential personal trainers in the world by industry peers.

Dangerously Fit was created in 2003 on Australia’s most iconic and most famous stretch of Sand – Bondi Beach.

The name ‘Dangerously Fit’ was bred from the belief that everyone can become ‘Dangerously Fit’ if they followed the correct training program, ate the right foods and had a positive optimistic mindset.

After years of training clients, testing and trialling see what works and what doesn’t… I discovered the best method of exercise for fast results was in a group training atmosphere.

The environment we create is extremely positive; we’re there to motivate, inspire and mentor you and to change the way you think about diet and exercise.

We expect you to put 100% effort into every workout. This disciplined approach to doing your best not only impacts your effort during your workout but your self-discipline to eat healthy after your workout… and a disciplined mindset will have a positive impact in everyday life.

As the owner of Dangerously Fit, I would like to introduce you to our trainers. I have hand selected the best fitness trainers in Sydney to help you reach your fitness goals. You see, getting the right information is vital to making the right decision, so without further ado here are your Dangerously Fit trainers.

Michael – Trainer


Michael is passionate about sports and fitness. Starting at a young age, Michael has played 1st grade representative soccer for 10 years, representing NSW Soccer and Australia at the age of 16. Since then, Michael has continue to pursue his passion for soccer by undertaking to coach for pre-season, as well as being a coach for young soccer players.

Michael is passionate about fitness, enjoys meeting new people and helping them realise their fitness goals, pushing them to the best they can be.

Outside of soccer and training, Michael enjoys Muay Thai, travelling, seeing new places, and the Bondi to Coogee run.

Bart – Trainer


Bartek (Bart) has been an athlete since the age of 16 and regularly enjoys Rock Climbing, Martial Arts, Yoga, Long Distance Road Cycling and a long list of other sports. The highlight of his sporting achievements was completing in the 2008 World Pilot Gig Championships in Scilly UK.

Bart has taken his own love for sport, training and exercise and has pursued his passion for Body and Mind awareness through yoga and is a practicing Kundalina Yoga Teacher. He is a Certificate IV holder in personal training and Sport Coaching and is currently undertaking a diploma of Sport Coaching.

Bart’s Passion is to teach his clients body awareness and customize training sessions to include exercise that they enjoy. Bart believes that each person possesses the ability to create the body and fitness desires that they have in their mind. He offers positive mentorship, training and support to make your goals a reality.

Emma – Trainer & Lifestyle Consultant


Originally from Switzerland Emma came to Australia backpacking in 2009, after several months of indulgence she joined Dangerously Fit as a member to regain her old body.

In just 8 weeks Emma managed to lose the 13 kilos that she had gained and continued to train with Dangerously Fit for another 6 months.

Back into shape and feeling fitter, stronger and healthier than ever, she decided to go back to school and study to become a personal trainer so she could help others do the same.

Since becoming a trainer at Dangerously Fit she has been able to motivate many others to achieve their goals and has been an inspiration for our members. She brings her personal experience and knowledge in weigh loss and  helps members to set realistic goals and build lean muscle mass.

Emma passions are golf, kettlebell training and snowboarding.

Kostya – Yoga Instructor


Kostya discovered yoga 10 years ago and started studying regularly. His practice has grown, and has taken him to many beautiful and interesting places, including to study in India and now Australia.

He has found yoga is a good way to refresh the body and keep it in good physical condition, as well as to help calm the mind and bring a lightness to it.

Kostya is passionate about yoga and likes to share with people his love and experience of it.