15lb (6.8kg) Steel Club


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Dangerously Fit Steel Clubs sport a pommel handle and a perfectly weighted barrel formed from a single machined piece of solid steel.

Design Specifications

  • Total Weight: 15LB (6.8KG)
  • Hand Crafted
  • 100% Solid Steel Composition
  • Black Matte Powder Coat
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Sold Individually (however, lighter club movements are best with pairs)

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The Steel Club or Clubbells as they are often called, have been a training tool for thousands of years dating back to ancient Persia.

Warriors would train with a heavy club to develop strong shoulders and a powerful grip required for swinging heavy weapons in battle.

In recent years the club has made a comeback, especially with athletes that require superior circular shoulder strength, grip strength and rotational core strength.

Additional information

Weight6.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm

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