24kg Kettlebell – Cast Iron


Kettlebells are the most versatile piece of equipment in ANY gym and will challenge the entire body.

Elite athletes, Hollywood celebrities and military special forces train with kettlebells because of unparalleled gains in strength, fitness and performance.

  • Total Weight: 24kgs
  • Handle Diameter: 38.5mm
  • Superior Material
  • Smooth Finish
  • Powder Coating
  • Single Cast
  • Colour Coded

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Superior Material
Dangerously Fit Kettlebells are crafted from the highest quality iron ore making them virtually indestructible.

Smooth Finish
Some kettlebells can have a rough finish which easily tear up the hands. Our casting process ensures our kettlebells are smooth, comfortable and have the highest quality and cleanest finish possible.

Powder Coating
Powder coating paint has a smooth, but grippy texture that improves gripping the kettlebell when your hands are sweaty and also holds chalk better than other options like matte or epoxy.

Single Cast
Dangerously Fit Kettlebells are made from one solid piece of cast iron which creates a stronger, more durable kettlebell.

Colour Coded
Each kettlebell weight is associated with a specific colour coded handle for easy identification, so you do not need to waste time aimlessly searching for your desired weight.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg

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