Test Bag Bundle


Ultimatw Bag etc…

Grab copy from the page that I already created. How many total CEC points

It’s prudent to create an image that includes all the bundled items. For instance, I grabbed screenshots of each product and combined them together in Photoshop. Feel free to get creative with your bundle photos. Many online stores show the bundles in action, like with a model wearing all of the four products in this bundle.


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Make a name and description for the bundle. The title should have a relevant name and include some sort of wording like “bundle” or “value pack.”

In the description, outline the purpose of bundling those products together and explain each item with a little detail. It’s also not a bad idea to explain if any discounts are included if they decide to purchase the entire bundle over the individual products.

This bundle cover everyhting coverdd in BB mastery [link] and SS [link].

Enrol in the bundle and get a free Bulgarian bag and sandbag.

Create new SKU and assign it under ‘CEC Courses’ in orderhive.



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