Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

As cliché as it may sound, we often hear the saying, “You are what you eat!” For you to reach and maintain a toned and healthy body, it is vital that you supply your body with substantial nutrients. For most of us, nutrition could be the most challenging aspect of the weight loss program. Considering…


5 Exercises for Wrestlers

Wrestling Preparation Exercises What does it take to be a Wrestling Superstar? What exercises do they do to get that built and physique? But more than the look, a wrestler also needs be strong, limber, lithe and has the stamina to perform the physical demands of the sport. First of all, a wrestler needs to…

Avoid The ‘Weekend Warrior’ Syndrome by Joining Boot Camp Sydney.

The ‘Weekend Warrior’ Syndrome

Although not recommended, some exercisers tend to exercise only during weekends – a kind of workout program labeled as ‘weekend warrior syndrome.’ This is where individuals strive to squeeze in a week’s amount of exercise in a Saturday and Sunday time period, instead of practicing their bodies progressively to perform the workouts. Sadly, these people…