The steel mace is the ultimate tool for building bullet proof shoulders, a powerful grip and strong core. Plus, the versatility of the mace is perfect for creating fun steel mace flow workouts that challenge the entire body!
Rather than being lifted in a linear path like traditional strength training tools, steel clubs are swung around the body through multiple planes of motion which creates enormous torque and tension and builds real world strength.
The crescent shape Bulgarian Bag is perfect for dynamically swinging around the body in all planes of motion which strengthens the shoulders, grip and core muscles. It can also be used to add additional weight to traditional bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges and push ups.
Power bags can be dragged, thrown and carried which is beneficial for many sports and people looking for a fun, challenging workout. They require no specialized equipment, are easy to learn and are very safe. They can also be applied to a very large demographic without concern for safety or previous lifting experience.
The Dangerously Fit Aqua Bag combines the versatility of the Bulgarian Bag with the dynamic force of water to build strength, stability and explosive power like no other training tool on the planet! Train at home without damaging the floors or fold it up and take it with you on the road wherever you go.


Kettlebells are the most versatile piece of equipment in ANY gym and will challenge the entire body. Elite athletes, Hollywood celebrities and military special forces train with kettlebells because of unparalleled gains in strength, fitness and performance.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. And, if your weakest link is wrist and grip strength, then wrist wraps might be the solution you need. Wrist wraps will help stabilise your wrists allowing you to lift heavier weights, so you achieve faster gains whilst reducing the risk of injury!

Now you can look Dangerously Fit whist swinging your unconventional training tool! A new range of apparel is available in the online store with tee’s, singlet’s and hoodie’s available for men and women in all sizes and a multitude of colours.

Dangerously Fit offer cutting edge education and equipment in the area of unconventional training and functional fitness using the most effective principles and training tools. 

Our online store includes; kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, aqua bags, power bags, steel maces, steel clubs and more. Plus, online courses and face-to-face workshops educating users on how to safely and effectively use these unique training tools for maximum results!