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Maverick Bundle – Save 10%

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The Maverick Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Maverick Club
  • 1 x Maverick Torque
  • 1 x Maverick Mace

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An Adjustable Club and Mace that’s Affordable, Practical, and Fast to Load

Maverick Club

  • The Club stands at a height of 60cm, making it the shortest among the three options.
  • With an empty weight of 2kg, it is perfect for beginners.
  • The Club can be loaded up to 25kg, providing a challenging option for experienced lifters.
  • Suitable for various training approaches, including single arm, doubles, and two-handed movements.

Maverick Torque

  • The Torque is positioned midway in length between the club and mace, standing at 80cm tall.
  • With an empty weight just under 2.5kg, it provides a balanced option for users.
  • It can be loaded up to 27.5kg, catering to the needs of more advanced lifters.
  • The additional 20cm in handle length adds extra leverage, increasing the challenge in control compared to the club.
  • Suitable for both single-arm training and two-handed movements.

Maverick Mace

  • The Mace is the tallest among the three, standing at 109cm in height.
  • With an empty weight of 2.5kg, it provides a sturdy base and can be loaded up to 30kg or more, accommodating users of various skill levels.
  • The extra length of the Mace enhances leverage, making it ideal for mace flows, single-arm training, and two-handed movements.
  • Suitable for individuals ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Adjustable Steel Mace Sizes - Small

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 109.5 × 54 × 18 cm

Maverick Club (Small), Maverick Torque (Medium), Maverick Mace (Large)


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