Celebrity Fitness Trend: Indoor Cycling

Fitness has become more than just a health regimen, it has become a lucrative business for entrepreneurs, as well. More and more people are willing to put in good money to get in tiptop shape and ideas on presenting exercise to the market just keep getting more creative. One of the hottest trends in fitness nowadays…


How Kelly Osborne Fought For Weight Loss

Kelly Osborne’s must be one of the most amazing weight loss testimonies that’s ever graced the television screen. This girl was once, as she admittedly had been described for years, “fat”, “chubby” and “cherubic”. But now, she sports a 112 lbs for her 5”2 frame and she looks fantastic. The most admirable part about Osborne’s body transformation…


Know Your Kind Of Boot Camp

There have been many reviews that come out on boot camps lately; they are relatively good reviews with some humour usually injected in them,  most particularly to describe their inability to keep up with the challenging workouts.  Difficult, challenging, over-the-top and torture are just some of the adjectives that had been used to describe boot camps.…