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Tips For Effective Weight Loss

The Key to Effective Weight Loss Weight Loss – Tips to Lose Your Weight Obesity has become a growing concern for many people nowadays. And because of this, many of us look for the fastest and effective ways to lose weight to avoid the health risks that go with this condition. Then again, fast weight loss does…

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December Newsletter

Hi There! Dan here from Dangerously Fit – welcome to this months December newsletter. This will be our last newsletter of 2013 – so a quick thank you to all our awesome DF members for choosing to train with us and allowing us trainers to do something we love… getting you in killer shape and…


The Power of Stretching

Stretching isn’t any new trend. There are various types of it being pursued, which have for many years been known like Pilates and Yoga. However, it provides the body a new life, energy along with a much better feeling of wellness. Naturally, our body needs stretching. Stretching is really an effective tool to boost your…


Inspirational Fitness Video

I found this inspirational fitness video on youtube this morning. I love to watch these videos when I’m in need of some motivation… or  getting ready for an intense workout. Do you have any habits or rituals you use to get pumped before having a workout, or what do you do if your’e in need of some much…


Why Exercise?

Exercise is good for you! A lot of people always say that, and one of them is your doctor so it must be true. It is a crucial element of a healthy body, especially as you age. In addition, it is probably the greatest things that you can do for yourself. But let’s say you don’t…


Working Out in the Great Outdoors

Exercising is now a favorite pastime for several reasons. Gyms are sprouting everywhere, and a group of men and women are heading into them day in and day out. People would like to look good, feel good, do well at a sport, engage in a body-building competition and some just take pleasure in the sense…