water bulgarian bag side swing

There are four ways to progress or regress an exercise to find the optimal learning environment for any exercise.

  1. Base of support
  2. Range of movement
  3. Plane of movement
  4. Speed of movement


  1. Support of Movement

Progress an exercise by reducing the base of support. Learn the movement with a wide base, then reduce the base of support to make the exercise more challenging.


  • Beginner = Deadlift
  • Intermediate = Staggered stance deadlift
  • Advanced = Single leg deadlift
  1. Plane of Movement

Progress an exercise through plane of movement. Learn the exercise in the sagittal plane initially until you can perform the movement with good technique. Then, take it one step further and move into the frontal place. Finally, only move into the transverse plane when you can perform the exercise with proficient technique in the frontal plane.


  • Beginner = Swing
  • Intermediate = Side swing
  • Advanced = Rotational swing
  1. Range of Movement

Progress an exercise through range of movement. As you become more proficient in an exercise increase the range in which you move.


  • Beginner = Quarter squat
  • Intermediate = Half squat
  • Advanced = Full squat
  1. Speed of Movement 

Progress an exercise through speed of movement. The faster the movement, the less time you have to react to control and stabilise the load. Also, the faster the movement – the more force generated.


  • Rotational lunge