This workout is split into 2 x 9-minute rounds.

Round 1

There are 3 stations, on each station there are 3 exercises, perform each exercise for 4 reps, stay on each station for 3-minutes and power through as many sets as possible. Take a 30-second rest between stations.

Station 1

  • 360 archer
  • 360 prayer
  • Single arm 10-To-2

Station 2

  • Power squat
  • Switch reverse lunge
  • Switch side lunge

Station 3

  • Kayak
  • Offset sit up
  • Plank pull through

Round 2

Once you have completed round 1, take a 60-second rest and get straight into round 2. In round 2 perform 10 reps of all the exercises listed above, power through as many sets as possible in 9-minutes, rest when required.