This is a flow workout divided into the upper and lower body. Perform 3-minutes of the upper body flow, rest 90-seconds, then perform 3-minutes of the lower body flow. Rest 90-seconds, then perform a 2nd round. The workout will take you approximately 17-minutes in total. Then finish with bodyweight exercises, perform 15 reps of each exercise and power through as many rounds of the bodyweight exercises as possible in 3-minutes.

Upper Body:

• 360 to switch curl and rotational uppercut
• Perform on the other side
• Two handed alternating mill
• 360 to offset shoulder press (both sides)
• Spear strike uppercut (both sides)

Lower Body:

• Switch squat (both sides)
• Switch reverse lunge (both sides)
• SLRDL (both sides)

Bodyweight Finisher:

• 15 x 3-down push ups
• 15 x Mace offset sit ups
• 15 x Mace order squats