This workout comprises three rounds: round one uses a heavy mace, round two a medium-weight mace, and round three a light mace. In each round, there are 6 x EMOM sets, where you start each round on the minute and try to complete it as quickly as possible to maximize the rest before the next round starts (each round should last between 35-45 seconds). This workout will take a total of 21 minutes.

Round 1: Heavy (6 x EMOM sets = 6-minutes)

  • 4 x Switch 360’s
  • 8 x Switch squats
  • 4 x Offset shoulder press (alternate sides on each set)
    Rest 90-seconds

Round 2: Medium (6 x EMOM sets = 6-minutes)

  • 4 x Spinning 360 uppercut
  • 8 x Sumo squat with flag press
  • 6 x Switch curl
    Rest 90-seconds 

Round 3: Light (6 x EMOM sets = 6-minutes)

  • 6 x Single arm 10-To-2 figure 8
  • 8 x Bondi swings
  • 4 x Switch reverse lunge