Up Skill Your Trainers with Fresh New Ideas and Boost Your Teams Motivation & Morale With Private Educational Courses Designed Specifically For Your Businesses Needs

Dangerously Fit Offers a Wide Range of Certification Courses Including; Kettlebells Level 1 & 2, Steel Clubs 1 & 2, Steel Mace, Bulgarian Bags, Sandbag Training, D.R.T and Battle Ropes


New Zealand Reps

Courses are accredited with AusActive (Formally Fitness Australia), NZ Reps and EREPS

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Great education is great business for companies taking an active role in their employee’s professional development.

A recent study conducted by LinkedIn showed that 94 percent of workers would stay at a company longer if they had more access to employee education and learning opportunities.

Employee education grows the standards set by your gym lifting the overall performance of your team. The competition for highly skilled trainers in today fitness industry continues to rise, and top fitness professionals crave growth.

By providing your team with access to continued education and growth opportunities, you get less churn from your best trainers. Plus, your training facility earns a reputation for supporting employee growth which in turn attracts the best talent in your local area.

A highly skilled workforce will help your members achieve better results thereby improving retention, referrals and your businesses revenue and profitability.

Sydney kettlebell Course

Private courses can be booked anytime (subject to availability) and are performed at your training facility. For more information, send us an email with the following information;

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