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Classic Battle Rope


Dangerously Fit Battle Ropes are made from highly durable industrial strength polyester and have a 3 strand-thick design to prevent the rope from fraying, breaking or coming loose. The ends are fitted with heat shrink caps to improve grip, protect your hands and help stop fraying.

Available in 4 sizes:

  1. 10 metres long x 38mm thick
  2. 10 metres long x 50mm thick
  3. 15 metres long x 38mm thick
  4. 15 metres long x 50mm thick

Choose your rope size below.

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What Size Battle Rope Should I Start With?

Battle Rope Length & Thickness Size

The battle rope is one long piece of rope that is secured by an anchor point and has two ends that are held in each hand.

They come in a variety of sizes, the most common are 38mm or 50mm thick and 10-metres or 15-metres long.

The length of rope you use will largely be depend on the size of your training area, if possible go with the 15-metre rope.

If at first you’re unable to move the wave all the way through to the anchor point, use that as motivation and make that your training goal until you can.

A great tip is to mark where your wave ends using a visual cue like a cone, each week as you become stronger you’ll begin moving the marker closer to the anchor point until you can move the entire rope.

We recommend beginners start with a 38mm thick rope and advanced lifters use a 50mm rope, thicker ropes are heavier whilst thinner ropes allow for more fluid movements.

Benefits Of Battle Rope Training

  • Improve Mobility: Battle rope exercises that require your body to move through full range of motion opens up tight problem areas such as the hips and shoulders improving strength, mobility and athletic performance.
  • Increase Stability: Most battle rope exercises require your arms to work independently of each other which forces your core, back, glutes and legs to stabilize the dynamic movements.
  • Develop Durability: Durability is your bodys ability to resist injury. Durability is a combination of strength, mobility and stability. The battle rope is excellent at improving these three key areas which in turn builds your bodys resilience to injury.
  • Improve Muscle Imbalances: The unilateral movements of battle rope training quickly highlight muscle imbalances whilst strengthening the weak areas.
  • High Intensity – Low Impact: Battle ropes offer high-intensity workouts without the negative impact of straining joints. People that suffer from overuse injuries from too much running can reap the cardio benefits of battle rope training with low impact movements that have little chance of causing injury.
  • Develop a Core Strength: The core is forced to engage in rotation, anti-rotation, flexion, extension and resist against anti-lateral flexion through unilateral loading. Furthermore, many exercises require your arms to work independently of each other which engages the core to stabilise the trunk.
  • Portable: Battle ropes are not just for the gym, they are easily transported to the beach, park or can be used at home without damaging the floors. All you need is a little space and something to anchor them to like a tree, a fence or a heavy kettlebell and you’re all set.
  • Enhance Athletic Performance: With your arms working independently of each other your core, back, glutes and legs are forced to activate to control and stabilize your movements. Battle rope training will improve your timing and coordination which will in turn enhance your sporting performance.
  • Dynamic Full Body Workouts: Throwing in lower body exercises like squats and lunges is a sure way of hitting the legs and core and an excellent workout that challenges both the upper and lower body simultaneously.
  • Mental Toughness: Fitness not only develops strength, endurance and physical toughness, it also helps develop mental toughness too. A tough workout on the heavy battling ropes will test you both mentally and physically, strengthening your mental fortitude that will help you in all areas of your life.
  • Boost Cardiovascular Fitness: There are many ways to incorporate battle ropes into your cardio workouts including Tabata, HIIT and steady state cardio which requires less intensity but for longer periods of work.

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10 metre x 38mm (1.5 inches), 10 metre x 50mm (2 inches), 15 metre x 38mm (1.5 inches), 15 metre x 50mm (2 inches)




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