Steel Clubs Are The Ultimate Training Tool For Building Powerful Shoulders, A Strong Core & An Iron Grip. Plus, They’re Perfect For Performing Fun Full-Body Flow Workouts!

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Become a Certified Level 1 Steel Club Instructor Accredited With AUSactive, EREPS, Reps NZ & Recognised Internationally.








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Dan Clay - CEO & Founder of Dangerously Fit

Hey, my name is Dan Clay and I’m the founder of Dangerously Fit.

The Dangerously Fit Academy has pioneered functional strength training in Australia and abroad with courses that empower you to become strong and mobile with unconventional strength training modalities.

Unlike traditional strength training tools which are mostly linear, steel clubs have the unique ability to train all three planes of motion giving you a more balanced and well rounded strength base.

The Steel Club or Clubbells as they are often called, have been a training tool for thousands of years dating back to ancient Persia.

Warriors would train with a heavy club to develop strong durable shoulders, a powerful grip and superior rotational core strength required for swinging heavy weapons during battle.

For hundreds of years martial artists from India (Kalaripayat), Persia (Pahlavani) and Russia (SAMBO) have been training with clubs to develop strength, mobility and enhance restorative health.

In recent years the club has become popular in the West with fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life discovering the fantastic benefits the steel club has to offer.

The World's Most Comprehensive Heavy Steel Club Course

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If You Answered YES Then You’re In luck!

Whether you’re a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, physiotherapist, sports coach or athlete… Steel Club Principles Level 1 will show you step-by-step how to train, coach and program for maximum results!



Immerse yourself in this exciting course which includes 49 video lessons, spread out over 7 action packed modules showing you step-by-step, how to master steel club training… even if you’re a complete beginner!

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If you’re not totally satisfied with Steel Club Principles Level 1 then I INSIST you contact me for a 100% ‘no questions asked get your money back refund’.

That’s how confident I am of the high level of teaching, excellent content and fresh new ideas you’ll discover.

Just email me within 7-days of purchasing your course and I’ll refund your payment… no questions asked.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The level 1 course covers the main principles of steel club training and all of the fundamental heavy club exercises and cues to teach them safely and effectively.

We teach steel clubbell training which emphasises full body strength and conditioning. Many of the exercises can also be used for prehab and rehab purposes too.

Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports coaches, athletes and the general fitness enthusiast that wants to learn the skills of how to use the steel club correctly to boost their own performance results.

Yes, for sure! We have many students enrol into our courses for their own personal development.

The course is delivered through our online e-learning platform. There is just over 148 minutes of video to watch in level 1 course.  The course is accompanied by a learner manual. It will take approximately 3-4 hours to consume the content of the course, then it’s just a matter of practising the steel clubbell movements until you become proficient.

You will be asked to perform and coach 5 fundamental steel club movements and answer 5 multiple choice theory questions.

You will need to achieve an 80% passmark for the theory and an 80% passmark for the practical.

You are given an unlimited opportunity to resubmit your theory and practical assessments online. Our team of steel club experts will guide and coach you until you achieve success!

Yes you do and you also have the opportunity to add yourself to the Dangerously Fit Academy international directory of qualified steel club instructors.

Courses are accredited with AUSactive, EREPS, REPS New Zealand and are recognised by all ICREPS (International Confederation Of Registrar Of Exercise Professionals) member bodies.

We also have plans to partner with NASM, ACE and EREPS in the near future.

You have unlimited lifetime access so you can come back and refine your skills anytime you like!


I took the Kettlebells and Clubbells level 1 and 2 with DFA and I leave really happy with how they assess and are open to answer any doubts or concerns via mail or Whatsapp. I really like to ask tons of questions and Dan patiently has answered every single one of them, and I truly appreciate it. 100% recommended.
Naoki Nakasone
"I truly appreciate it. 100% recommended."
Just completed Steel Club 1 and 2 online. I took the course purely for my own self development but I can see why, as a personal trainer, you would want to invest in yourself and add this to your business. It would certainly provide a point of difference and set you apart from the crowd. Dan’s teaching style is empathetic and effective with guidance and corrective instruction being given where required. Videos are clear and of high quality and as a bonus, the course material will provide a comprehensive, lifelong reference source for the future. Highly recommended!
Col Weary
"Dan’s teaching style is empathetic and effective with guidance and corrective instruction being given"
I first discovered Dangerously Fit when trying to order my first pair of Clubbells. I was fortunate enough that Dan was holding a few workshops on the Sunshine Coast and I’m really glad I made the trip up. I’ve done both of Dan’s Clubbell and Kettlebell workshops and I’ve learned a lot doing both of them. The Steel Clubbells were completely new to me and Dan took us through all the core movements so that a beginner would be able to get through. The same for Dan’s kettlebell Workshop. We started off getting the key movements right before dialling up the skills. More than anything, I like the functional movement base that Dan is providing. This isn’t something I’m experienced in different gyms across Brisbane and I’m glad I took up the opportunity to train with Dan.
Moe Moon
"I’ve done both of Dan’s Clubbell and Kettlebell workshops and I’ve learned a lot doing both of them."
I’ve started to train select clients with Clubs, and Mace work. It’s so good to include these new skills in what I have to offer as a personal trainer. We’re incorporating some fundamental movements into programming. The clients love it – partially because it’s something different and because, well, it’s also slightly dangerous. No pun intended :). In all seriousness, they can see the benefits with the challenges of offset and hip hinge type movements. I’m hoping they love it mainly because I’m so enthusiastic about the benefits I’ve personally experienced: My grip strength has exponentially increased. My mid/upper back and shoulders are stronger (which was what interested me in this type of movement in the first place) Much more aware of activating supporting upper and lower body muscles before lifting, swinging, or moving anything unstable above my head. I could go on further, but in summary these courses have been invaluable – thanks again.
Deborah Layton
"The clients love it – partially because it’s something different and because, well, it’s also slightly dangerous. No pun intended :)."
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the steel clubs course. I’ve just finished level 1 and I’m straight into level 2. I took some clubs into work today and used them with a number of clients. They were well received, the clients loved using them – very different to traditional strength training and just a couple of 6kg clubs really tested them. I think it highlighted some deficiencies in grip strength for some of them. I’ve got one client who can row a 40kg dumbbell but was tested doing double shoulder casts with the 6’s. Looking forward to introducing more exercises to my clients in the coming weeks. It’s always pleasing to introduce something new but there are no gimmicks here, just so many benefits to gain with club training.
Luke Carr
"It’s always pleasing to introduce something new but there are no gimmicks here, just so many benefits to gain with club training."
100% Recommended. I did Steel Mace mastery and Steel Clubs level 1, at the moment I’m doing Steel clubs level 2. Dangerously Fit is one of the most useful Certifications I have ever done (and I have done a lot). Looking forward for future courses and seminars with Dangerously Fit.
Alex Lopez
"One of the most useful Certifications I have ever done."