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Let me ask you – would you like to…

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bluebullet Melt Away Stubborn Body Fat
bluebullet Rapidly Increase Your Strength
bluebullet Lose Inches Round Your Hips, Thighs And Tummy
bluebullet Rev Up Your Metabolism
bluebullet Sleep Better & Have More Energy
bluebullet Feel Years Younger
bluebullet Increase Your Self-Confidence

Then Our Kensington Boot Camp Just Might Be What You’re Looking For.

Dear Kensington Resident,

We all need a little help with exercise sometimes but many people are afraid of the idea of a boot camp. I understand your fear, but I’m here to tell you that a boot camp is the answer to your fitness problems.

If you’d like to get in to great shape QUICKLY, and stay that way… then you’ve stumbled across the most important website that you’ll ever read.

My name is Dan Clay … I’m a boot camp trainer and for more than a decade myself and the DangerouslyFit Personal Training team have been getting people all over Sydney into killer shape.

I own Dangerously Fit Bootcamp, Sydney’s most sought after and effective fitness program… your success is our guarantee.

Whether you are new to exercise, or have been exercising and not seeing the kind of results you would like, a Kensington boot camp can help you.

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So Would A Kensington Boot Camp Be The Right Choice For You?

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bluebullet A boot camp will give you new ideas and fresh exercises targeted specifically for you, which will not only get you in shape faster, but will keep you from getting bored.

bluebullet A boot camp will keep you challenged. Our personal trainers will help you lift more, run faster, and push yourself higher than you would on your own.

bluebullet A boot camp will provide you nutrition plans and make changes to your exercise regimen to take out the guess work and provide you with results you can actually see in the mirror.

bluebullet A boot camp can help you set up goals and a schedule to help keep you motivated when you really feel like staying in bed.

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However, remember that at Dangerously Fit boot camp we are serious about what is best for you! Training isn’t easy and your body will not change overnight!

BUT…. Your body will change with time and dedication. We will motivate you and push your body to give you the best long-term results you have ever seen!

With Dangerously Fit boot camp fitness you will have accountability, motivation, and yes, you will get into the best shape of your life. You WILL look in the mirror and go “WOW!”

We offer EXCITING CHANGE in a safe, fun environment.

Plus…If you’re not 100% satisfied – Check out our 30 day money back guarantee…

Boot Camp Guarantee

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Yours in health,
Dan Clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
Boot Camp Kensington
Sydney, 2033

PS. Get the results YOU deserve! Don’t let another minute go by without doing SOMETHING FOR YOU!

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