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From: Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Bootcamp
Queens Park, Sydney, 2022

Dear friend,

If you’re like most people then you’re probably a little bit frustrated with your current level of fitness. You’ve probably tried all sorts of diets and workout programs and yet you still haven’t gotten the results that you really feel like you deserve…

boot camp maroubraIf this is the case for you then this website could possibly be the most important fitness message that you’ve ever come across!

First, I want you to know that you are not alone when it comes to your frustrations with losing weight and getting into shape. In fact, countless people struggle with the following…

bluebullet Unsightly kilos that accumulate in problem areas like around your midsection, on your thighs, and under your arms…

Personal training sessions that never seem to accomplish much…

bluebullet Doing TONS of abdominal exercises (like sit-ups and crunches) without ever seeing any tightening or definition around your waist…

bluebullet Spending FAR too much time on treadmills, stair climbers, and other cardio machines…without ever seeing the results you were hoping for…

Sometimes it can even feel like there’s a conspiracy against those who want to get into shape. That’s because there’s just so much misinformation out there…and misguided individuals in the fitness industry who make it seem like all you need to do is take a magic pill and you can get into shape…

Many people today are FRUSTRATED because they’re bombarded by conflicting messages about what the right kind of diet is, what type of foods they should be eating, how many reps they should do when they work out, what the best workout is for weight loss, how to diet without feeling hungry…


“I’m Here To Help You Discover The Truth About How To Lose Those Extra Kilos
And Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life…Fast!”

Daniel ClayHi, my name is Dan Clay and I’m the owner and head fitness instructor of Dangerously Fit Boot Camp–the most effective and efficient fitness program that you’ll find ANYWHERE in Australia. My program is transforming bodies all over Sydney and I’m ready to deliver the boot camp Queens Park residents deserve!

Over the course of my career, I’ve literally helped transform the bodies and lifestyles of thousands of people…and best of all, I’ve helped them learn how to MAINTAIN their incredible results! What my clients have achieved is absolutely incredible…

boot camp queens parkI want you to know that Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Queens Park is NOTHING like any other boot camp or personal training program that you have ever experienced…

That’s because I’ve crafted this program to achieve the MOST in the LEAST amount of time! This means that all you need is 45 minutes for 3 days a week and you can start to see SERIOUS results…no matter what age you are or what your current level of fitness may be!

My staff is made up of some of the most talented fitness professionals in Australia and they are 110% committed to making your training fun!

Let’s be serious for a minute, when was the last time you had a blast during your workout?

Once you try Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Queens Park, you’ll see exactly why people are calling this bootcamp the most fun workout program they’ve ever tried. It’s INCREDIBLY easy to stay motivated when you actually ENJOY your workouts!

You Will Be Amazed At What You See In The Mirror

My trainers are focused on helping every one of our clients get into OUTSTANDING shape by helping them set goals that they can achieve. We all hold you accountable and at the same time lead you along your own fitness path…

So Why Is Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Queens Park So Effective?

I’m glad you asked!

The SECRET can be found in my POWERFUL combination of resistance training and high intensity cardio workouts producing a highly effective metabolic workout.

When combined correctly, these two types of specific training have a synergistic effect that help tone your muscles while at the same time requiring your body to feed on its own body fat for energy!

Your metabolism will be turbocharged!

Group fitness queens park

Group fitness training in Queens park

Take a look at some of the exercises we use in Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Queens Park…

bluebullet Interval training
bluebullet Circuit training
bluebullet Body weight movements
bluebullet Running groups
bluebullet Sandbag training
bluebullet TRX training
bluebullet Sledge drags
bluebullet Medicine ball training
bluebullet Kettlebell training
bluebullet Boxing
bluebullet Hill and stair training

I want you to know that these workouts are SERIOUSLY effective—no matter what shape you’re currently in. Dangerously Fit Boot Camp DOES NOT make working out a chore, but instead allows you to have fun and stay focused during your exercise program…

I guarantee that you will be ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED with what you see after only a few weeks of training!

So What Exactly Do You Get When You Sign Up For Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Queens Park?

bullet1 Complete access to every single one of my Dangerously Fit Boot Camp locations and times (currently 83 classes per week in 15 Sydney locations)

Now you can work out according to YOUR schedule…so there’s absolutely no excuse not to get your workout in!

bullet1 The Dangerously Fit Optimum Nutrition Plangroup personal training

I’ve teamed up with the leading nutritionist in Sydney and we’ve put together a simple easy to follow nutrition plan.

We tell you what to eat and when you can eat it so that there is NO MYSTERY in your diet and you can start to lose those kilos without starving yourself or sacrificing your energy throughout the day!

bullet1 Workouts that you can do at home for when you’re unable to show up for boot camp

I know that your other obligations sometimes make it difficult to make it to a remote workout location, and that’s why I’ve put together workouts that you can perform on your own—so that you maintain your momentum and progress!

bullet1 100% access online to each one of my personal trainers

Now you have an award-winning team who is there to answer all of your questions and help guide you along your fitness path!

My Limited-Time Offer That You Just Can’t Pass Up!

group fitness trainingI know that you might be skeptical about how effective Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Queens Park really is. In fact, you should be skeptical because you’ve probably tried so many other workout programs and haven’t gotten the results that you really want!


I am SO confident that you’re going to LOVE my fitness program that I’m willing to offer you one week of access to Dangerously Fit Bootcamp…

…For only $1!

That’s right, for less than the price of 2 bottles of water you get access to every single one of my boot camps for one week!

This gives you the chance to see just how effective this program is without committing to anything. I GUARANTEE  this is the fitness program you’ve been looking for, and that’s why I want you to contact me NOW so that you can take advantage of this offer.

All you need to do is click the button below and you can get started right away..

Click Here To Register

My 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

If you sign up for Dangerously Fit Group Personal Training after your one week trial and for some reason you decide that it just isn’t right for you, then I’m going to take on all of the risk. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason then all you need to do is contact me and I will refund 100% of your purchase price… no questions asked!

This means I take on 100% of the risk! You have nothing to lose (except maybe a few extra kilos!)


I’d like to invite you to join the hundreds of people who have changed their bodies and started living a happier and healthier lifestyle as a result of my program. Register today to discover the Dangerously Fit difference!

To YOUR fitness success,

daniel clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Boot Camp
Queens Park, Sydney, 2022

P.S. If you’re ready to start seeing SERIOUS results from your workouts-like losing extra kilos, trimming your waistline, adding muscle tone and boosting your energy, you MUST try Dangerously Fit boot camp course!

P.P.S. Available space at my boot camps fill up EXTREMELY fast, so if you want to ensure that you have a spot then please register for your one week trial now!

Where to find our Queens Park Bootcamp…

bullet1 Boot Camp Queens Park: We meet next to the jungle gym on Darley Road across the road from Queens Park Pizza, nearest cross street is Market Street.