DF Elite

Next DF Elite Training Program Will Be Tough Mudder and Spartan

Course Commences January 2014

Fight Club:

Experience the thrill of these dynamic advanced boxing classes where you will learn advanced techniques for balance, footwork, and punching power.

Trainers Saki and Robbie will take you on an informative journey into how the body works, moves, maintains balance, and naturally generates raw power.

These classes are only for team members who want to learn fighting skills and have a solid foundation of boxing and padding. Pre-booking not required.

DF Elite Class:

Take advantage of our training programs designed to give you the competitive edge you need for the specific fitness event you’re training for. The programs vary by month depending on the event.

Some of the training programs we offer are:

Warrior Workout: Join this class if you would like to:

  • Build Muscle
  • Tone your body
  • Do strength-training exclusively

Tough Mudder: This 90-min program mixes hardcore strength training and cardio endurance to give you the strength needed to navigate through the 22 obstacles and build your endurance for the 20km race.

Urbanathlon, Marathon, City to Surf: These classes are specifically designed to improve your running capabilities so that you can rise to the challenge of any race with ease. The personal training courses involves hills, stairs, time trials, interval training, and endurance.

The sessions are held at different locations so that you can maximize your skills by getting accustomed to different environments. We will email you weekly with the details.