“Get Your Kids Off The Couch & Fit n Healthy With The ‘Dangerously Fit Kids‘ Fitness Program on Sydney’s Northern Beaches”

‘Dangerously Fit Kids’ is a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive children’s fitness program.

My name is Dan Clay … I own Dangerously Fit – The Northern Beaches most in-demand and fun fitness program, for the last 15 years we’ve been helping people change their body and their lives for the better… and now we’re expanding our services to schools because we believe it’s important to invest in our future generations.

It’s A Sad Fact That So Many Of Our Kids Today Struggle With:


bluebullet Lack of energy

bluebullet Low concentration

bluebullet Sleeping disorders

bluebullet Obesity

bluebullet Diabetes

Research shows that there is an 80% chance of an obese child becoming an obese adult, and the longer the child is overweight the more they’ll struggle with weight associated health problems when they become an adult.

All these dangerous health risks can be quickly and easily solved through an active lifestyle and sensible healthy eating habits. With child obesity at record highs it’s time to get our kids off the couch and back into physical activity.

‘Dangerously Fit Kids’ is a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive kids fitness program designed to help children improve their cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, co-ordination and body fat percentage with exciting workouts that will encourage a lifetime of healthy habits.

Our Northern Beaches Kids Fitness Programs Include:

active after school program sydneybullet1 Kids-boot camp. Our bootcamp program is the hallmark of Dangerously Fit and now we’ve adapted this much sought after program for kids, the training combines strength and cardiovascular games / drills designed to improve strength and fitness… but more importantly to make exercise an enjoyable experience.

bullet1 Self-defence. A fun mix of boxing and karate is an effective way to boost self-confidence whilst getting kids more active. This specially designed high-energy program teaches self-control, concentration and focus with fun boxing / karate drills and games.

bullet1 Kids-sports. This program enhances skills required by various sports with fun workouts that are designed to improve co-ordination and team work. We vary the games each week to keep the program fresh and to stop kids from getting bored which happens if you do the same thing over and over.

bullet1 Kids Yoga. A fantastic balance between strength and flexibility of children’s minds and bodies. Perfect for improving concentration, general wellbeing and relaxation.

Our ‘Dangerously Fit Kids‘ fitness instructors are highly qualified and experienced fitness professionals that have undergone additional training in the area of kids fitness and are nationally qualified by Fitness Australia and Mini Moves.

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Dangerously Fit Kids In The Media:

youth-personal-training kids boot camp

If you would like more information regarding our Northern Beaches kids fitness programs, please fill in the form below or call 1800 791 446.

Wishing you good health,

daniel clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training
Northern Beaches, Sydney

Note: All of our instructors hold the correct kids personal trainer certifications.

Dangerously Fit also offer children’s personal training to schools all over the Northern Beaches as well as kids events and children’s birthday parties, contact us today for more information.