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Dan ClayFrom: Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training
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Dear friend,

2 Do you feel uncomfortable when you look at yourself in the mirror these days?

2 Have you been struggling to lose that extra weight and suffering from low energy?

If so, then please read on!

FACT: If you want to get into peak physical condition then you MUST have a fitness program that is designed to get you there. The truth is that most people–and I’m talking about the vast majority are NOT ever going to achieve these types of results with traditional workouts!

Don’t get me wrong—it IS helpful to do cardio. And of course, you can burn calories by spending time on a Stairmaster or treadmill…

HOWEVER, if you want to achieve a REAL total body makeover, then you will need to follow a specific type of workout and a diet that’s both manageable and optimized to burn more calories throughout the day.

Here’s a small sample of some of my clients…

The Solution To A Tighter Stomach and A Body That Will Turn Heads…

bootcampAt Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer Biggera Waters, we have the most talented personal trainers in the industry AND a world-class nutritionist available to help you reach your fitness goals.

We guide you through a 45-minute exercise program that is FUN and will literally melt away your excess body fat faster than you could ever believe.

I’ve designed this fitness program to maximize your results so that you can start to see serious changes in your fitness levels and your health quickly

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Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training

personal trainer Biggera Waters

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