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Let Me Ask You A Question… Are You Fed Up With: 

bluebullet Diets that are meant to work but are impossible to stick to?
bluebullet Workouts that seem to be on repeat?
bluebullet Never having the time to get to the gym and have a really effective workout?
bluebullet Feeling like you are alone on this journey and you do not have anyone to motivate or inspire you?

Dan ClayDear Bondi Resident,

My name is Dan Clay… for over 14 years I’ve been living in Bondi Beach and helping thousands of local residents get into killer shape with my fitness company Dangerously Fit.

Through years of education, training clients, trial and error – I have designed a system that know will work 100% of the time… if followed carefully.

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I Know What You May Be Thinking About “Personal Trainers”…

It’s pretty common words these days, you hear it almost everywhere you go (especially in Bondi)…

“Everyone’s a trainer, you can get a certificate on the internet”.

Well not here you can’t, all our instructors are trained by me personally in the ‘real world’ for at least 3-6 months before I even think of taking them on as a member of the Dangerously Fit team.

Dangerously Fit is not a fly by night operation or chain gym, we have been here since 2003 and we’re here to stay and care about our clients getting results… we spend very little money on advertising and rely on referrals to spread the word.

Here’s Some of My Bondi Personal Training Clients…

With Dangerously Fit You Will Never Have To Deal With…

bluebullet Diet plans that come from a package. You will be given an easy to follow nutrition plan that will keep you healthy for the rest of your life, not just a few weeks.
bluebullet Workouts that are a waste of time. Our training system combines everything you need for a great cardio and strength-training workout all into one session, you will save time and get you the results you desire!
bluebullet Our team is here to motivate you even on the days you do not feel like being motivated. Your success is important… we want you to get the Body you Deserve!

Take Some Time and Consider the Following…

Just imagine… how great will it feel to never again struggle with:Stop!

bluebullet Fad diets that don’t work.
bluebullet Boring workouts that make you feel like you are watching Groundhog Day.
bluebullet Not having the time you need to take care of yourself because you’re so busy.
bluebullet Not feeling like you have anyone to motivate or push you when you feel like giving up.

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Boot Camp Guarantee
Wishing you the best of health

Dan Clay

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Bootcamp
Bondi Beach, Sydney, 2026bondi beach

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P.P.P.S. Something for you to think about: 30 days from now you’ll be 1 month older and maybe a few kilo’s heavier, or you can be 4-5 kilo’s lighter and look and feel great… it’s your choice.

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