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Dear Elizabeth Bay Resident,

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My name is Dan Clay … I own Dangerously Fit Personal Training – Sydney’s most in-demand and fun fitness program… for the last 12 years I’ve been helping people just like you to get into great shape.

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Group Fitness Elizabeth Bay

With Our Personal Trainer Elizabeth Bay Workouts You Will…

bluebullet Tone your hips, thighs and tummy.
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bluebullet And so much more.[xyz-ihs snippet=”004BeforeAfterAll6″]

Would an Elizabeth Bay Personal Trainer Be The Right Choice For You?

Personal Fitness Elizabeth Bay

 Do you want to say goodbye to strict diets and all the lies and deceptions the weight loss infomercials feed you?
 Do you want to learn how to eat, workout, and live a healthier life so you can take control of your own health?
 Do you want fun outdoor workouts that will relieve your stress and switch off your fat hormones.
 Do you want an Elizabeth bay personal trainer to hold you accountable, to take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way so you finally reach your fitness goals.

Just Take A Minute To Think How Good Would It Make You Feel To…

bluebullet Wake up everyday and love the reflection staring back at you.
bluebullet Improve your self image and increase your confidence.
bluebullet Lose unwanted weight and tone up.
bluebullet Look and feel sexier.

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Boot Camp Guarantee

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Boot Camp Elizabeth BayWishing you good health,
Dan Clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
Elizabeth Bay, 2011, Sydney

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