The Benefits of a Group Personal Trainer in Mascot

You may have heard about the myriad of benefits that come from hiring a Mascot personal trainer, but unfortunately, you simply don’t have the funds to workout with one on a regular basis. However, you can replicate the experience by attending group fitness training. Read on to learn about the benefits of working with an instructor in a group setting.

What Is Group Fitness Training?

Typically, group fitness training can be divided into small groups or big groups, depending on your preference.  Small groups are usually characterized by groups of two, three or four people, but any group that has 20 or fewer members could be considered a small group. Groups that have more than 20 students working with an instructor are classified as large groups or boot camps.

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The Financial Benefits of Group Personal Training

There’s no way of getting around the fact that hiring a personal trainer in Mascot can be expensive. However, by utilizing group fitness training, you can experience the benefits of a fitness instructor at a cheaper rate. As a general rule, the larger the class is, the cheaper your rate will be as the cost is distributed among the many participants. Who knows? If you take the classes and find that you enjoy getting the extra attention of a personal trainer, you may decide to that you want to work with him or her one-on-one in the future. Group personal training is a great way to test the waters to find out if working with a fitness trainer is right for you.

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Easing the Intimidation Factor

Let’s face it-your first experience working with a fitness trainer can be anxiety-inducing, as your fitness flaws will be laid out in the open for comment and judgment. Although a Mascot fitness trainer is there to help you achieve your fitness goals and not to judge you for your past experience as a couch potato, many people feel more comfortable easing their way into the whole experience by signing up for a group fitness class. In this manner, they can get extra help that is geared to their particular needs, without being the center of attention the entire time.

Group Personal Training on Mascot Beach

Group Personal Training in Mascot

Who’s holding you accountable?

Perhaps the biggest reason that people fail at sticking to a regular workout regimen is the simple fact that is difficult to hold yourself accountable. This is one of the strongest benefits of participating in a group fitness program. If you don’t show up, deciding to take the night off and slack on the couch, eating a bag of potato chips, your fellow group members will question your absence. If you try to breeze through a lesson with little effort, you will experience the subtle but strong peer pressure as your group members outperform you and your lack of effort shines like a beacon. Although peer pressure is usually looked upon as a negative thing, in the world of fitness, it will often be your primary motivator.


Working out in a class with an instructor gives your exercises an element of structure that it wouldn’t otherwise have if you were doing it on our own. With the help of your personal trainer Mascot, you will begin the class with a warm-up period, then you will begin your workout, and end with a cool-down period. Many people tend to shirk the warm-up and cool-down periods when they are working out on their own, or they simply do not allow their bodies adequate time to repair and recover from their workout. This is a huge mistake, because not warming up adequately can lead to more injuries during your workout, and a cool-down period that is too brief can put you in danger of actually passing out and injuring yourself if your heart rate has not returned to a normal rate. Having the help of a trainer and a group full of like-minded members can guide you into performing your entire workout in the correct manner.

The Dangerously Fit Crew during a sunrise session with the battling ropes

The Dangerously Fit Crew during a sunrise session with the battling ropes

Perfecting Your Technique With a Mascot Personal Trainer

Perhaps the most important reason for working with a fitness trainer is learning to perfect your technique in whichever exercise you choose to engage in. If you’re learning yoga, a personal trainer can make sure you are doing your downward dogs correctly, if you’re learning Pilates, he or she can make sure you are truly moving from your core. When you are work out by yourself, it’s easy to lose the form you need to work out successfully, and you can even put yourself at risk for injuring yourself without the watchful eye and helpful advice of your fitness trainer.


There are a multitude of benefits associated with choosing to work with a trainer in a group setting. Not only will you meet your weight loss and fitness goals sooner, but you will be given the opportunity to form a special bond with other people who will share your struggles and triumphs.