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Dan ClayHi, my name is Daniel Clay – owner of Dangerously Fit. During my time as a personal trainer I‘ve literally witnessed just about every diet and fitness trend that you can imagine…

…and the truth is the vast majority of them don’t work!

It takes an uncommon approach to fitness to get uncommon results…and that’s exactly how things work at my personal trainer Northern Beaches fitness program.

Are you frustrated with your the way you look and feel?

If so, you should know that there is a way to shed that unwanted weight…

The key to success is following a specific nutrition plan and workout routine that’s designed to maximise your results in the shortest amount of time…

How do I know?

Over the past 14 years with my Dangerously Fit Boot Camp program I‘ve personally helped thousands of people transform their bodies and get into incredible shape using the most effective workouts and latest scientific research. 

The results my Sydney clients have achieved are nothing short of amazing…


I’ve made it my personal goal to give as many people access to exceptional fitness as I can… no matter what their budget may be!

That’s one reason why I’ve developed my revolutionary Northern Beaches group personal training program… a fitness program that has been helping Australians change the way they look and feel forever.

With Dangerously Fit Personal Training in the Northern Beaches You Can Finally…scales

  •  Trim and tone your midsection…
  •  Lose weight and keep it off permanently…
  •  Turn up the heat on your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day…
  •  Increase muscle tone and flexibility…
  •  FINALLY feel great about your body and your fitness…

Introducing a Northern Beaches Fitness Program That Has No Equal…

boot campThe truth is that what most Northern Beaches personal trainers and gyms are offering their clients these days is pretty disappointing. Most people sign-on for these fitness programs and come away with lackluster results that don’t last for very long.

It can be extremely frustrating to spend your hard earned money and valuable time putting in all of that effort and having very little to show for it…

My first-class personal trainers know this and that’s one reason why they are known for getting such great results for our clients. Every single one of my Sydney fitness instructors are 110% committed to helping you transform your body and become a healthier and happier person.


Because, for my team, fitness is much more than just a career. It’s a way of life!

We are proud to say that we’re able to help so many people make improvements in their physical condition and self-esteem—by using a fitness program that is both fun AND exciting!

The truth is that when you work out with Dangerously Fit Boot Camp, you’re getting access to the absolute BEST group fitness training you will find anywhere!

Learn Exactly What It Takes To Get Dangerously Fit!

With this incredible program you’ll finally shed those unwanted kilos, dramatically reduce your stress, improve your sleep, boost your mood, and become healthier every single week!

Want to know one of the secrets to why so many people are raving about my personal trainer Northern Beaches solution?

We make working out fun!

My program may be called Dangerously Fit Personal Training Northern Beaches, but it’s actually nothing like a military style fitness program…

That’s because my Northern Beaches personal trainers motivate you and guide you through exciting fat melting workouts that you will look forward to doing… no matter what age shape or size you might be!

It’s just a simple fact that these types of results aren’t going to happen with your “average” gym workouts or personal training sessions. It’s taken me several years to produce a program that is so effective!

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what point you are on your fitness journey—ANYONE can see serious results within a few short weeks. It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive athlete or someone who’s just looking to lose an extra three or four kg…you will see dramatic results!

My 30 Day Money Back Iron-Clad Guarantee

personal trainer I’m extremely confident that you’re going to be excited by what you experience at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp in the Northern Beaches – Sydney. However, if you feel for any reason that this program does not live up to your expectations then I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked and no hard feelings at all.

You literally have nothing to lose by trying my program, except those extra kilos!

Act Now And Begin YOUR Dangerously Fit Total Body Transformation!

Now is the time to act if you are serious about getting into shape. I’m currently offering a limited time deal for first-time customers, in order to give them an opportunity to learn just how effective my elite fitness program really is…

If you act now you can get access to two weeks of my Dangerously Fit for just one dollar!

All it takes is one click on the register button below and I will give you instant access to my Dangerously Fit Group Training for two weeks…

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and I truly hope that you make the decision to come join us and become Dangerously Fit!

Yours in fitness and health,

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit 
Personal Training
Northern Beaches, 
2216, Sydney, NSW

P.S Now you can FINALLY shed those unwanted kilos, improve your muscle tone and flexibility, get better sleep at night, and have more energy throughout the day by participating in a fun and exciting workout program!

P.P.S Please keep in mind that space in my Northern Beaches boot camps goes extremely fast, so if you want to take advantage of this incredible deal—and get TWO WEEKS of Dangerously Fit for only $1—then you have to act quickly!

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