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fitness instructor st petersDear friend,

How many hours have you spent working out and only coming away with moderate results that didn’t last.

Or have you spent weeks on diets that were SO restrictive that you just couldn’t muster much energy at work making it impossible to stay on it for very long?

It’s time to try a diet and workout program that produces remarkable results and helps you maintain them for good!

Hi, my name’s Dan Clay and I’ve developed an incredible Oxenford group personal training system that’s helping thousands of people all over Sydney and the Gold Coast improve their fitness and change their bodies for good.

We’re seeing outstanding results in a seriously short amount of time…the type of results you usually only see from elite level workout programs.

Here’s a very small sample of some of my Dangerously Fit Success Stories…

Check out the features of my Oxenford personal training system…

1bullet A Complete and Comprehensive Nutrition Program…
1bullet High-Intensity Cardio Sessions That Will BLAST Your Metabolism into the Stratosphere…
1bullet Muscle Toning Resistance Training That Is RESULTS DRIVEN And Heaps of Fun…
1bullet Full access To Top Class Trainers and Our Professional Nutritionist!personal trainer st peters

Serious Training For Serious Results…

I’ve been in the fitness industry for quite a while now and I can say with absolute certainty that you will not find a better program at such an incredible price. In fact, a full membership to my Dangerously Fit Outdoor Bootcamp (where you can attend boot camp at ALL of my locations) costs less than a 4th of a month of typical personal training sessions.

It’s a no-brainer!

I know that the economy is still struggling right now and that’s one reason why I’ve made this fitness program so affordable. However, I want you to be 100% confident in your membership to the Oxenford personal trainer system, so I’ve decided to extend a special offer (that’s driving my accountant crazy!)

For a VERY limited time, I’m offering 1-week trial passes to my program for only $1!

Plus your fully covered by my unconditional 30-day money back guarantee…

rest assured

Now you simply have ZERO excuses for FINALLY achieving your personal fitness goals.

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personal trainer oxenfordDan Clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
4210, Oxenford, NSW

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