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From: Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training
Pacific Pines, 
4211, Gold Coast

Dear friend,

Have you been struggling with any of these issues:

weight lossRed-Arrow Extra kilos of body fat that stay’s around your abdomen and other difficult to lose areas…

Red-Arrow No energy as you attempt to go about your day…

Red-Arrow Having low self-esteem as the result of your body image…

Red-Arrow Making almost ZERO progress despite spending plenty of time in the gym…

If you’re having a difficult time with ANY of the above problems then you will definitely want to pay close attention, because the truth is that you CAN fix every single one of them with a proven fitness group personal training program in Pacific Pines.

Introducing Dangerously Fit Pacific Pines: The Body Transformation Experts

Dan ClayThe body transformations that we’re witnessing here at Dangerously Fit are stunning. People who’ve struggled with their weight for YEARS are getting slim and trim in just a matter of weeks… …and the best part is that they’re KEEPING their new bodies!

The secret is found in our FUN and EXCITING workout programs. Each one lasts 45 minutes per session and is designed to maximize the results you achieve during that time.

Here is a sample of some of the results our members have been getting…

As you can see, this Pacific Pines personal training program really does work!

Here are just a few of the exciting and FUN workouts that you’ll participate in when you sign up for our program in Pacific Pines:

outdoor fitness trainers2 Sled pulling
2 Olympic ring training
2 Tough Mudder training
2 City2Surf running groups
2 Body transformation contests
2 Interval workouts
2 Hill workouts
2 Bodyweight training
2 Resistance training
2 Boxing workouts
2 Kettlebell training

And much more!

Here’s the deal: For a VERY limited time, I’m offering 1-week trial passes to Dangerously Fit Personal Training Pacific Pines for only $1. This gives you a chance to see first-hand how effective my program is, absolutely RISK-FREE!

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personal trainer pacific pinesYour friend,

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
Pacific Pines, 

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