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From: Dan Clay
Owner of Dangerously Fit

Are You Sick and Tired of Struggling With…

bluebullet Problem areas that just won’t go away?
bluebullet Unrealistic diets that are impossible to follow?
bluebullet Finding an exercise program that really works?
bluebullet Your favourite clothes not fitting?
bluebullet Having a busy schedule that keeps you from getting fit and feeling good?
bluebullet Feeling tired, sluggish and low on energy?

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I Know What You Might Be Thinking…

bluebullet Getting up early doesn’t sound like fun.
bluebullet Following diets is tough… especially with busy work, home, and social life.
bluebullet Long cardio workouts are de-motivating and boring.
bluebullet Working out in those large franchise gyms never produced any results


At Last… Thanks to a Dangerously Fit Palm Beach Personal Trainer You No Longer Have to Deal with that Anymore!

 Dangerously Fit Personal Training Palm Beach fuses resistance training and high-intensity cardio into every workout, so you’ll burn a heap of calories, tone your muscles and melt away the fat… fast!

 Say goodbye to fad diets, just follow our nutrition plan designed by one of Gold Coast’s top nutritionists and our high energy calorie burning workouts will do the rest.

 Our outdoor workouts are fun, which means you can say goodbye to boring cardio workouts.

 Unlike most corporate gyms, we do care about you achieving your results, which is why we do everything possible to motivate and inspire you to achieve the lean and toned body you deserve.

Group Fitness Training 2 Week Trial For Just $1 – Numbers Limited

personal trainer Palm BeachSTOP and THINK!!

Imagine: In just a few short months how strong, fit and lean you’re going to be.

How good would that make you Feel?

How good would it be to finally say goodbye to…

bluebullet Fad diets.
bluebullet Long boring cardio workouts.
bluebullet Lacking the time to look after yourself and getting healthy.
bluebullet Belly fat and other trouble spots.
bluebullet Not having someone to motivate and encourage you.

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Yours in health,
Dan Clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training

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