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From: Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
Personal Trainer Sunshine Beach

Be Truthful With Yourself…

If you were in harmony with your health and your body… You wouldn’t be reading this right now.

personal trainer Sunshine BeachYou’re here because you want to lose the unwanted kilo’s for good and know that deep down inside you deserve to get more out of life.

Whether you’ve been trying to get in shape for a while or are just starting out… all you know is you hate what you see in the mirror every morning, or even worse… you don’t look at your reflection anymore.

You’ve tried every fad diet, starving your body, torturing your mind, and feeling depressed after you’ve given up and gained those kilos back.

You’ve signed up for gym memberships, but gave up quickly because you didn’t find the support or motivation you needed.

You’ve bought diet pills and weight loss books thinking you would find the fix, but you‘ve been disappointed and you’re still looking for an affordable and realistic way to lose weight.

Dear Sunshine Beach Resident,

My name is Daniel Clay – I’m a Sunshine Beach personal trainer and owner of Dangerously Fit – Sydney’s most effective and sought after personal training program.

Our workouts are quick, fun, effective and will get you into killer shape fast… no matter what kind of shape you’re in now.

With A Dangerously Fit Sunshine Beach Personal Trainer You Will…

bluebullet Lose unwanted body fat
bluebullet Tone your muscles
bluebullet Feel great
bluebullet Flatten Your tummy
bluebullet And so much more

Fitness Trainer Sunshine BeachSo… Is A Dangerously Fit Sunshine Beach Personal Trainer For You?

 If you’ve had enough of looking desperately at your reflection in the mirror every morning wondering how you’re going to dress up to hide the fat and flabby parts of your body.
 If you’re willing to follow our healthy diet plans (you will eat 5-6 times a day, never be starving and even have a little treat once a week!)
 And… If you’re committed to sticking with our Sunshine Beach personal training program twice a week.

Then yes, I can help you get the body you deserve!

You will burn fat, build lean muscle and have heaps more energy.

Just Click The ‘Register Now’ Button Below To Book Your $1 One Week Trial…

And if you’re not totally satisfied with Dangerously Fit, check out our 30-day money back guarantee…

Boot Camp Guarantee

Outdoor trainingWishing you the best of health,
Dan Clay
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training

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