“Are You Heading Overseas and Need a Personal Trainer Course that is Valid Worldwide?”

Do You Want To Quit Your Day Job and Start Living Your Passion?

Become a fitness instructor with The Dangerously Fit Academy personal training courses!

Our courses are ICREPS recognised, giving you ALL the fitness qualifications you need to work in the following countries…certifications

600px-Bullet-blue  United Kingdom

600px-Bullet-blue   Ireland

600px-Bullet-blue   Europe

600px-Bullet-blue   USA

600px-Bullet-blue   Australia

600px-Bullet-blue   New Zealand

600px-Bullet-blue   South Africa

600px-Bullet-blue   United Arab Emirates

600px-Bullet-blue   Canada

The Dangerously Fit Academy personal training certifications are delivered through our online e-learning platform.

Here are 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Study with The Dangerously Fit Academy

Unlike the huge personal trainer course providers where you are treated as just another student with a student ID, at The Dangerously Fit Academy we have a personalised learning approach and take great pride in producing the very best personal trainers in Europe and abroad.

2 Worldwide Qualification

The Dangerously Fit Academy is ICREPS recognised, therefore qualifications approved at any of the countries listed above are transferable and recognised by each of the partner countries. 

So if you plan on working in the USA, UK or Europe and need a certification that will be recognised when you return to Australia, all you have to do is register in the region where you obtained your certification and transfer your registration to Fitness Australia when you return.

2 Learn From Successful Trainers

fitness Australia accredited

Our tutors know what it takes to run a successful pt business

If you want to be successful, then you need to learn from successful mentors.

Unfortunately, most of the tutors at large personal training course providers are little more than school teachers reading from a course book. More often than not the reason they’ve become a teacher is because they couldn’t be successful in the real world.

This is not the best way to learn!

Many of these personal trainers are tired, jaded and lack the basic understanding of what it takes to be successful.

If you want to be the best, then you need to learn from the best.

The Dangerously Fit Academy was created by personal trainers that have been working in the fitness industry for well over a two decades, running successful fitness companies in their own right.

You may have even heard of my company ‘Dangerously Fit’ based here in Sydney Australia.


Take time out & enjoy the nightlife

2 Train Hard then Have Fun in The Sun

Like Australia, Southern Europe has a fantastic year-round warm climate where you will be able to train outdoors and hone your outdoor personal training skills on Europe’s famous Mediterranean beaches.

And with enough spare time after class and on weekends, you’ll have plenty of time to chill out and enjoy the fine Mediterranean food and buzzing nightlife.

2 The PT Business Supremacy Course

One of my biggest frustrations after completing my Certificate 3 and 4 in personal training here in Australia was the lack of business skills taught during my course, everything was just theory and none of it applied to me when it came time to start my own personal training business.

Upon graduation of your PT course you will be automatically enrolled into the PT Supremacy ‘Business Supremacy Course’.

Every module in this course has been tried and tested in the ‘real world’ so we know it works!

2 CPD/CEC Courses

Ignite exciting new career opportunities with our ICREPS recognised CPD/CEC courses. Kettlebells are quickly becoming the hottest method of training in the fitness industry, learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training with the Dangerously Fit kettlebell certification.

Start Living Your Passion and Become a
Worldwide Certified Personal Trainer with The Dangerously Fit Academy!

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