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Functional Strength Masterclass – Virtual


Discover The Integrated Functional Training System That Builds Real World Strength!

Attend The Dangerously Fit Functional Strength Masterclass Live 4-Hour Workshop & Master the Fundamentals of the Kettlebell, Steel Club & Steel Mace.

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Would You Like To...

  • Discover why professional athletes, top wrestlers and savvy personal trainers are using a 2000-year old ancient weapon of war to accomplish unquestionable gains in strength and fitness?
  • Learn how to correctly use the super effective training tool that will bullet proof your shoulders, build an iron grip and a powerful core?
  • Master the most versatile piece of equipment you’ll find in ANY gym that every serious fitness enthusiast should have in their training arsenal?
  • Know how to successfully integrate three unique training tools into your fitness regimen that will develop a strong, mobile, durable body which is resistant to injury?
Kettlebell Workshop