Check Out Some Of The Results Our Dangerously Fit Clients Are Getting…

Simon Lost 18.8 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Rebecca Lost 6 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Ryan Lost 11.2 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Jeremy Lost 10.3 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Jackie Lost 8.1 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Nick Lost 13 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Mike Lost 14.5 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Vanessa Lost 10 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Simon Lost 20 Kilos In 12 Weeks

Darren Lost 11.3 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Natalie Lost 7.1 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Chris Lost 6.5 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Lorna Lost 12 Kilos In 9 Weeks

Selina Lost 7.2 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Liam Lost 23 Kilos In 12 Weeks

Gareth Lost 8 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Killian Lost 16 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Ian Lost 8.5 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Joel Lost 9.4 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Linda lost 10 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Tom Lost 9 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Marianne Lost 9.7 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Trina Lost 7.4 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Graeme Lost 13.1 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Joel Lost 9.4 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Carrie Lost 7.4 Kilos In 6 Weeks

David Lost 10 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Martin Lost 13.5 Kilos

Morgan Lost 5 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Mark Lost 9.5 Kilos

Kimia Lost 6.6 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Marc Lost 11.2 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Luke Lost 9 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Alex Lost 8.1 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Adriana Lost 26 Kilos


Franc Lost 22.5 Kilos


Kate lost 8 Kilos In 6 Weeks

Killian Lost 16 Kilos In 6 Weeks

“In 12 weeks I lost a total of 21kg, 20.5cm off my hips, 10.5cm off my chest, 9.5cm off my waist AND 10.5cm from around my thighs.”


I joined Dangerously Fit in September 2011. It was actually quite fortuitous – I had joined another boot camp previously and had been keen to get back into it when I won a 3-month membership to Dangerously Fit boot camp through winning first place in the AIM Great Debate Raffle.

Fast forward to Dangerously Fit boot camp. What a difference! No disrespect to the other camp, but starting at Dangerously Fit, I thought it would be a continuation of what I had started previously. I was definitely feeling healthier, but I don’t think I’d lost any weight.

Helen led the group at Kogarah, and she was amazing. She got straight into getting to know each of us, what our goals were, our fitness levels and she was fantastic at motivating us each and every night to push harder. And her energy was infectious – we started pushing each other (thank you Kylie and Marina, my boxing partners!!). We all jumped into the 6 Week Body Transformation challenge – and to my surprise I actually won it, shedding 10.7kg over the 6 weeks, and claiming a year’s worth of boot camp to top it off – no excuses now!!.

I’ve now lost a total of 21kg as at the end of the Feb-March 2012 6 Week body transformation, and 20.5cm off my hips, 10.5cm off my chest, 9.5cm off my waist AND 10.5cm from around my thighs. I have so much more energy, and I’m always trying to find ways to be more active. I hated running, and could barely run when I first started. Now I’m actually contemplating joining fun runs in my spare time!

It’s great that with Dangerously Fit you have access to a full schedule of classes because it helps me find a class that fits in with my work and personal lives. I’ve had lots of help with my diet and now I am able to manage my calorie intake without feeling like I’m missing out on all the good stuff. I now understand areas I can improve with regards to my diet and fitness, and I have all the tools and support to continue heading towards my goal weight.

Thank you, Helen, Dan and the rest of the Dangerously fit team for helping me take control of my health and fitness!

Mary-Anne, Kogarah, Sydney

“I have lost 14kg Kilos and 21cm round my waist, I’ve never been so lean”

outdoor fitness glebe

I tried various diets and exercise programs in the past, I’d lose a couple of kilos, get a bit fit.

As soon as something cropped up, I would make an excuse for starting my bad habits again, and I’d put the kilos back on, plus a couple more.

I knew I had to do something that was more of a lifestyle change, otherwise I’d never lose the weight.

That’s when I contacted Dangerously Fit.

Soon after following Dan’s nutrition and exercise program I felt better, then my clothes started to fit differently, they were starting to become too loose.

Within a few months my clothes were practically falling off and I actually had to go out and buy a new wardrobe.

Since training with Dangerously Fit I have lost 14kg Kilos and 21cm round my waist, I’ve never been so lean.

At 44 years of age I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. People I know ask me what my secret is, and are amazed at how well I look, not just thinner but healthy too.

Tony Gambuzzo, Glebe, Sydney

“thanks to Dangerously Fit I’ve lost 28kg in 6 months… I can’t wipe the smile off my face.”

group training

I knew that by joining Dangerously Fit it wouldn’t be a quick fix. I knew I would have to work hard to achieve my goal, it took years to put weight on and I knew it would take a lot of effort and determination to get rid of it but I was excited to try something different.

I’d been a member of Fitness First for 5 years previous and was getting bored. The intensity of exercise was no where near the level of exercise that I’m doing now with Dangerously Fit. Nothing was working anymore, I wasn’t enjoying it and I’d lost motivation.

Dangerously Fit helped to kick start my weight loss again and motivation to keep going. I’d basically gone from the couch to running my first City to Surf and next Half marathon on 16th September! I’m so glad I started my two week trial in February… I haven’t looked back since 🙂

My fitness level has increased dramatically… I could barely run a metre before Bootcamp without huffing and puffing – I ran in my first City to Surf this year in 1hr and 40 minutes .. Running the whole way! It’s something I would never have achieved if it wasn’t for Dangerously Fit!

My next race is on 16th September… Half marathon. I’ve lost a lot of weight and toned up. Since October 2011 I’ve lost a total of 40kg! But thanks to Dangerously Fit I’ve lost 28kg in 6 months… I can’t wipe the smile off my face – I couldn’t be more happier thanks to Dan and his amazing team – I can’t thank you enough!

Tamara Macdonald, Spring Farm, Sydney

“I have lost 13 kilos… My stomach has flattened so much I sometimes don’t recognise myself in the mirror!”

outdoor training rushcutters bay

I have never been big on exercising, I hate making efforts, I don’t like to sweat and I have a very low tolerance to pain.

The idea of joining a boot camp and getting up at 5am to go train sounded more like a joke than anything else. On top of that, I have the worst motivation ever.

But today, I am so glad I did it!

Some medical tests revealed an unusual rate of fat in my liver… It was a shock for me so I decided to turn my life around and do something about it.

That’s the main reason why I wanted to join Dangerously Fit Boot Camp…. but I also wanted to look good, be leaner, fitter and feel better about myself!

Since joining Dangerously Fit Boot Camp my life has totally changed.

I have lost over 13 kilos in 10 months, have built some muscle and feel much more toned.

My diet has changed, using Dan’s nutrition plans I now eat a lot healthier.

My sleep has improved, and even my sex drive!

I feel a lot more confident which has helped me perform better at my work too.

It has helped me to focus on my personal goals.

I feel I have so much more energy, my stomach has flattened so much I sometimes don’t recognise myself in the mirror!

Now, I have a new goal: getting rock hard abs!

Arnuad Michelin, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

“I lost a total of 11.1 kilos during the 6 week body transformation challenge.”

boot camp stanmore

I didn’t really know what to expect from Boot Camp, I was worried that it was going to be people shouting at me, a bit like high school Physical Education classes, I wasn’t sure how a group fitness environment was going to work for me.

Since being diagnosed with a serious illness 3 years ago, I had got totally out of the habit of working out, My weight had crept up and I had lost motivation to do anything about it. My diet was awful, eating all the wrong things and drinking over 2 liters of soft drink a day.

My best friend encouraged me make a change and we both joined Dangerously Fit.

I lost a total of 11.1 kilos during the 6 week body transformation challenge. I lost over 12.5 cm round my waist which was where I carried most of my excess weight, and have rediscovered my 6 pack, as well as reducing fat and toning up everywhere else. My fitness levels increased dramatically.

The trainers and training sessions at Dangerously Fit are amazing, they challenge you to do you best, in a supportive encouraging environment, and the support doesn’t end at the end of the session, the online support and nutritional advice each week with the weekly food diaries was instrumental to my success. And the motivation I got each week from my fellow participants in the challenge was amazing, to work out with motivated people is amazing.

I couldn’t be happier, I look and feel the best I have for years, my diet has improved dramatically and I’ve finally kicked my soft drink habit. I’m totally motivated to continue on with my fitness journey with the Dangerously Fit crew.

Stafford Hamilton, Stanmore, Sydney

“After losing 15kg, I’m back to my previous weight and look even better because my body is toned.”


After moving to Sydney I signed up to a local gym. My attendance started to flag as I got bored with the repetition of the gym machines and a lack of results.

I was making bad food choices and slowly started to pile on the weight. After browsing the internet I found the Dangerously Fit’ boot camp site and signed up for the fantastic one week trial offer.

I was incredibly nervous about finding the groups and how fit everyone would be. To my relief I found a real range of fitness abilities in the different groups, with exercises challenging to everyone.

The classes were so friendly and the exercises different every time so there was no chance to get bored!

For the first few weeks everything hurt (in a good way!) but the pain eased off and I found that I missed the exercise when I didn’t go! I even enjoy getting up early to exercise as the sun rises, leaving me full of energy for the day ahead (something I wouldn’t have believed possible a few months ago!).

The trainers are fantastic- they really enjoy what they do and want people to get the most out of their classes. Jesse helped me push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, and gave me support and encouragement when I hit a plateau’ where I would previously have given up.

After losing 15kg, I’m back to my previous weight and look even better because my body is toned.

My fitness has improved and I’m stronger than ever before-I managed to break the Dangerously Fit plank hold’ record thanks to the encouragement of my fellow boot-campers! Along with a teammate I met through Dangerously Fit (and 2 other friends) I completed the Oxfam 100K trailwalker in less than 24 hours (and was even back at boot camp on the Monday!) I can’t wait for the next challenge!

Vicky Dawkins, Centennial Park, Sydney

“I have lost 22kg, over 16% body fat and 32.5cm round my waist”


“I was never much of an exerciser and had tried dieting a couple of times but as soon as I stopped dieting I would pile the weight back on.

I can honestly say that my lifestyle was on a steep downward curve when it came to health and fitness.

I was in a terrible state physically and lacked the self esteem and confidence a guy in his 20’s should have.

I then started training with Dangerously Fit…. 6 months on, I have lost 22kg, over 16% body fat and 32.5cm round my waist.

While I am more than impressed with my new measurements, I am even more impressed in how they have helped change my attitude and lifestyle.

My self esteem and confidence has increased by leaps and bounds.

Matt Veto, Randwick, Sydney

“At the end of the 6 Week challenge I had lost 7.4kg and a significant amount of cms. I have a flat stomach and toned arms for the first time EVER.”


Before joining Dangerously Fit I was concerned that I might not have the self motivation to attend as often as I need to in order to get the results I wanted. I would go to the gym about 5 times per week and did a lot of walking and running however, my diet was far from ideal and I was drinking more wine than is probably considered socially acceptable.

I thought I was doing enough to maintain my weight but I was starting to notice I no longer had the body of a 20-year-old and it would take more of an effort on my part to stay fit and healthy.

Since I joined Dangerously Fit in July 2012 my fitness has improved tremendously.

However, it wasn’t until I finished my second attempt at the 6 week body challenge that I achieved my best results. I stopped drinking alcohol completely for the duration of the challenge as I realized that regularly drinking half a bottle of wine with my dinner does not a hot body maketh 😀

I stuck to my calorie intake and took onboard the advice I received from the Dangerously Fit trainers. At the end of the 6 Week challenge I had lost 7.4kg and a significant amount of cms. I have a flat stomach and toned arms for the first time EVER.

I’m not going to lie, you never get sick of hearing people tell you that you look good 😀 6 weeks of hard work is a small price to pay for making a huge change to the way you feel about yourself. I feel fit and healthy and more confident.

I’ve learnt healthy eating habits and pushed myself really hard to achieve my goals. I love the social aspect that group training offers, the trainers are friendly and encouraging and I’ve made some great friends. Thank you 😀

Erin, Bondi Beach, Sydney

“In 6 Weeks I lost 5.5kg and 36cm’s!”

MichelleI really enjoyed your program, and I am certainly on my way to achieving healthier, fitter body!

After two pregnancies (one caesarean) I found all of my former hard work had unfortunately dissipated and I was back to square one! Even a little behind.

We currently have a 2.5 and 1.5-year-old, so life is a busy juggling act as you could imagine. However, I decided it was time to jump back on the horse, and get myself back into shape.

I’m turning forty this year in October, and I wanted to hit this milestone as fit, not frumpy.

The Dangerously Fit program has certainly been the catalyst I’ve been needing, being an online program meant that I could access it anywhere, anytime. The workouts were varied and nutrition plan easy to follow.

It’s a shame that we don’t reside in Sydney to attend the training sessions first hand, but I certainly had the next best thing! I’ve just joined a gym locally for the first time since having the kids, and will continue on my fitness journey – the only way is forwards from here!!

In 6 Weeks I lost 5.5kg and a total of 36cm’s. Rome wasn’t built in a day, plenty more to go but I am in a great mindset and routine to achieve even better results! Thank you for the opportunity to access your program.

Michelle Linham

“In 6 weeks I lost 7.2 kilos, 8cm on each leg and a lot on my waist”


Before joining Dangerously Fit I didn’t know what to expect and I’m not usually one to do any sort of group exercise. I knew however that the 6 week challenge would be exactly what I needed to get back on track with my fitness.

I came into the bootcamp after taking 6 months off my fitness regime. Although I was still fit when I first started, I lost my muscle tone and had some extra holiday kilos to shred. The eating plan in the 6 week challenge really helped me to reach my goals.

I have lost a lot of my holiday kilos and am back in my fitness routine. In 6 weeks I lost 7.2 kilos, 8cm on each leg and a lot on my waist which makes me both proud and happy with myself.

After the end of the 6 week challenge, I have kept up the eating plan by working it easily into my life. I have also returned to the gym and to running and will definitely take up the opportunity to participate in the next 6 week challenge.

Kristoffer, Balmain, Sydney

“In the last 5 weeks I have lost 5 kilos, which is the most amazing feeling.”

taryn h

Before I joined Dangerously Fit I was drinking too many bottles of wine per week, eating bad calorific food, without much exercise and had bad sleeping patterns.

I was skeptical that the trainers would be ‘shouty’ and that I would not be able to keep up with all the other members due to lack of my fitness.

But the trainers are brilliant and so encouraging, they take a dedicated approach to your goals and are very motivating. Even though I am still the slowest in the class it doesn’t bother me as I am there living it!

In the last 5 weeks I have lost 5 kilos, which is the most amazing feeling.

Especially when you put on your clothes and they are baggy. I feel so much clearer in my mind, I am sleeping so much better and my nutritional knowledge has increased dramatically. My whole mindset has changed regarding exercise and food and my positivity is just brimming 😀

Since I began training with Dangerously Fit I feel like I have a renewed focus, I have so much more energy and a new found passion. My life is now boot camp and will continue to be. I even like getting up for the early morning sessions now!

Taryn Hayler, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

“I’m The Fittest And Healthiest I Have Ever Been (And For The Ladies Out There) – I Have Never Looked Better!!”

group personal training zetland

After living 8 pretty packed years in London with the odd gym session here and there, I decided it was time to get fit! With my motivation living in Sydney and by the beach ( and no longer near the local pub!! ) I was determined to look and most of all feel better in my bikini by summer.

Feeling sluggish and generally unfit I dragged myself to my first ”Bootcamp” session. I embarked on this journey in Nov 2009. The first session with Dan was tough to say the least ( it proved how unfit I really was ) but this only made me more determined to carry on and reach my goal.

Within 4 weeks my energy levels were soaring, and feeling sore (but tighter and more toned) with every session I continued on. Starting off with 2 – 3 sessions per week (so not to overdo it) as my fitness improved I gradually increased the amount of sessions per week. This was easy with the flexibility of locations and times. I now do at least 4 sessions a week and a run with another ”Dangerously Fit” Boot camper just for fun!!

The classes are always different and the trainers are great which keeps me motivated even through the colder winter months, hence the reason for continuing with Dangerously Fit after all this time!

Now training is as routine as ”brushing my teeth”. I feels sooo much better on the days I train.

Thanks for giving me a new lease on life Dangerously Fit…..I’m the fittest and healthiest I have ever been (and for the ladies out there – I have NEVER looked better!!)

Peita Gregory, Zetland, Sydney

“In 6-Weeks I lost 11.2 kgs and 15.26% of my total body-weight and reached my goal of being in great shape.”

MarcI joined Dangerously fit 3 years ago with my wife and we highly recommend it. I had to stop training for 4 months due to personal circumstances.

When I came back to training @ DF, I had lost lots of strength and gained weight. But Dan, his team and the amazing the sense of community and support helped me stay motivated to get fit again.

I participated in the 6-weeks challenge, lost 11.2 kgs and 15.26% of my total body-weight and reached my goal of being in great shape.

This is the place to be if you’re looking to get fitter and healthier in a fun atmosphere;

The coaches are passionate and knowledgeable, and you’ll instantly feel part of a great and supportive community.

Marc, Potts Point, Sydney

“In 6-weeks I lost 4.2kgs and 42 inches!”

ShellyI did the 6 week challenge and for the first time in 3 years, I got back to pre baby weight.

It was an incredibly supportive, motivating and inspiring program.

Every touch point throughout my journey was professional, efficient and no question ever felt like a stupid one.

I was challenged and held accountable and as a result I feel it has made me healthier, lighter and happier!

4.2kgs down and 42 inches lost!

Thanks Dan and team for all the support!

Finally back in my skinny jeans!

Shelly, Bondi, Sydney

“I am now 15 Kg’s lighter (losing 10.5 kilos during the last 6 week challenge)”

Before joining Dangerously Fit I was 105 kgs overweight, lazy and sluggish, and I knew I needed to get back fitness. I spent too much time eating crap food and drinking alcohol.

At 31 years of ages I think I’m fitter than I was when I was 18. I am now 15 Kg’s lighter (losing 10.5 kilos during the last 6 week challenge), and last Saturday I played 160 minutes of Rugby on top of a spartan training session and was still fitter than most of the people on the pitch!

I’ve also lost 6 cm’s around my legs, 11.5cm round my waist, 7.5cm on my chest and neck. And best of all my Girlfriend says I’m sexier than ever.

I will continue training with Dangerously Fit 😀 benefits are I’m fitter, stronger have more energy, and I’m addicted to being fit and healthy. I’ve also met loads of great people who continue to make boot camp fun.

Michael, Bondi, Sydney

“In 6-weeks I lost 12kgs, 12.8% of my total bodyweight and have never felt better.”

LukeWhen I signed up to the 6 week body challenge I was a little sceptical of Dan’s claims you could lose 10% of you body weight in 6 weeks, but I knew I needed to change some of the habits I had fallen in to.

6 weeks on with Dan’s training plan and support I lost 12kgs, 12.8% of my total bodyweight and have never felt better.

I’d thoroughly recommend giving it a go.

Luke, Coogee, Sydney

“In 6-weeks I lost 8 kilos and 10.15% of my total bodyweight!”


Sara, Coogee, Sydney


“I have lost 13kilos, can once again wear a size 8 and have loads of energy to play with my Marcia beautiful children!”


Dan changed my belief of what and where my body could be and do. I really believed after having three children and turning the big 4 0 my body had changed forever.

I found the gym was not where I really wanted to be.

I struggled to get back into shape after baby no.3 so I begun training with Dangerously Fit. I was so nervous at first because I did not know what to expect, but it was the best investment I have ever made!

Bootcamp has challenged my mind and my body, I feel I can wear anything and be proud of the body looking back at me in the mirror.

I’m once again comfortable getting into a bikini, have lost 13kilos, can now wear a size 8 and have loads of energy to play with my beautiful children and run a successful business.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me back the body I love fitting into.

Marcia Dimond, Maroubra Beach, Sydney

“Today, after losing the 13 kg’s I gained I’m back to my previous weight and look even better because my body is toned”


I was 54kg last year… That was summer, and time to enjoy bbq’s, nights out with friends and lots of drink and junk food!!

As a result, I quickly gained an extra 13 kg’s!!

Winter came and I was horrified when I realized I could not fit in my jeans and had to buy some new large clothes to hide my big stomach and thighs.

I started to feel depressed, had no energy and kept eating junk food while feeling bad.

I joined Dangerously Fit Boot Camp and finally I had some hopes again.

The workouts were tough and I thought I would never survive the first one… but it’s a kind of magic, after each session I felt alive again!!! The more I went, the more I liked it (and I am not masochist!)

Today, after losing the 13 kg’s I gained I’m back to my previous weight and look even better because my body is toned and there is not a single square centimetre that looks like jelly anymore!

I feel more confident and happy, I look younger and full of good energy and I’m proud of myself, especially when I get compliments from my friends who are amazed by the results and are already asking me the name of my personal training qualification!

I’m sure that in a few weeks… you’ll be the one sharing your story on this website!!!

Emma Pedrocchi, Bondi Beach, Sydney

“I have lost over 5kg and have never felt better”


Following the birth of my second baby, I managed to put on over 5kg, due to bad food choices and a lack of exercise.

When, on her 1st birthday, I realized I could no longer fit into any of my clothes, I knew I needed to take action.

I had become very unfit and found it hard to motivate myself to exercise. My energy levels were low and I felt exhausted everyday.

I decided to search the internet for training options that might work for me. I signed up to the Dangerously Fit Queens Park Bootcamp and I haven’t looked back.

I love training outside and the varied program keeps it interesting and challenging each week.

Over the last couple of months I have gone from feeling tired and lethargic to being full of energy.

Training with Adam and the group at Queens Park keeps me motivated and I now actually look forward to exercising.

I have lost over 5kg and have never felt better!

“I’ve Lost 8 Kilos In 3 Months And Am More Toned And Generally Much Fitter.”


I’ve previously struggled to keep up a regular exercise regime, finding it difficult to fit exercise around very busy work commitments. Dangerously Fit has been a great solution for me as there are so many sessions to choose from either at home in Bondi or from work in the City.

The first couple of sessions were a shock to the system but now I push myself hard to get the most out of every workout. I look forward to getting out of the office at lunchtimes aswell enjoying the sunrise down at Bondi Beach in the morning.

The workouts are always varied with a great mix of strength training and cardio. Boxing sessions are my favourite and the new yoga classes are a great way to stay flexible and injury free. I’ve made some good friends along the way with both the trainers and fellow bootcampers.

I’m enjoying healthier eating and feel more productive at work. I’ve lost 8 kilos in 3 months and am more toned and generally much fitter. Prior to joining bootcamp I had recurring back problems but since building up my core strength and fitness no more back problems!

Regular fitness tests and workout challenges have helped me track my progress breaking 6mins on my plank today was another personal goal met!

Warrwick Nuttall, Bondi Beach, Sydney

Kate Christie, Queens Park, Sydney

“In 6 weeks I’ve lost 10.5cm round my waist and 5cm round my thighs. I’ve never ever seen results like this so I’m extremely happy!!!”


I’ve always wondered what bootcamp was like and thought it was the best way to exercise especially living right by Bondi Beach. I wanted to make the most of being outside so I decided to try it out!

When I began training I would say I was at an average level of fitness as I’ve participated in sport all my life and went to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week, played netball and would run about 5k every week but at a slow steady pace. I never saw any difference in my body which was very frustrating!!

I guess I was eating the wrong foods as well, not so much chocolate and alcohol but lots of carbs i.e. rice, bread and pasta! Now I eat better and have such a better awareness regarding food!

The trainers and people at bootcamp are fantastic, all very friendly and I’ve made really good friends through it which is an added bonus! Its nice to hang out with like minded people who have the same interests as you – to maintain fitness and health!

Since training at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp I feel like I have so much more energy, I have increased my strength and stamina, go to bed earlier and wake up earlier which never happened before. I feel fitter mentally and physically and kinda look forward to every bootcamp session, so much so that I sometimes go twice a day!!

In 6 weeks I’ve lost 10.5cm round my waist which was my main goal and have also lost a 5cm round my thighs and a bit around my arms and chest which is great!! Now my clothes fit better and some garments are almost too big!

I’ve never ever seen results like this before so I am extremely happy!!

Jenna Lock, Bondi Beach, Sydney

“In the last 5 months I have lost 7Kg’s while toning up”


At my first session I quickly realised it wasn’t as regimented as I thought it would be, and was pleased to find it was a casual environment with just enough motivation applied to get me through the tough workout.

Before I started Dangerously Fit Boot Camp I was overweight and struggling with work/life balance.

I had no exercise regime and found it hard to get the motivation to get moving. I wasn’t as conscious of my eating habits and drank way too much!

Now I find that I’m making more time to be healthier, eat healthier, and appreciate the little indulgences in life.

With the variety of training options Dangerously Fit has on offer I find it easy to fit in a boot camp session that also fits in with my work and personal life.

For me it’s a great way to start the day (or end), and I seem to fit a lot more in as a result.

In the last 5 months I have lost 7Kg’s while toning up. I’m eating better and feeling great (except for when I’m in boot camp session, cause that just hurts!!).

Adam De Paoli, Coogee Beach, Sydney

“Since training with Dangerously Fit I have lost 6 kilos”


Before I started boot camp I didn’t think I would be able to commit to coming every week and was wary about being locked into contracts like my old gym.

I also slept too much every night and found in the morning I was still struggling to get up and was tired every evening. I had developed very lazy habits in my personal and work life. Being late to work most days and generally not having the energy to do anything active on the weekends.

I had a gym membership but only went once a week and lacked the motivation to really push myself, I didn’t realise how unfit I was until I started boot camp!

I have so much more energy now and have changed my sleeping patterns so that I am always the first to work.

I’m not a morning person but I find I have no troubles getting up for bootcamp as I enjoy the sessions, I know that on the days I have boot camp my day will be full and productive.

The sessions don’t interfere with my days because the morning times are early enough to leave me with plenty of time to get to work no matter where my office is, I have also started doing sports during my evenings.

I wanted to change my lazy habits and lose the 5 kilos I had put on over the last year.

Since training with Dangerously Fit I have lost 6 kilos just from the added exercise and am working on changing my nutrition to become even healthier.

Danielle Robinson, Zetland, Sydney

“Dangerously Fit has helped me to reduce my body fat from 21.4% to 15.2% in 1one week”adam

Dan had a strategy for me to convert my fat into lean muscles.

I enjoyed every moment of our workouts, he was supportive, accommodating and motivating.

Throughout our journey together, I felt that he has an in-depth knowledge in human movements, diet and muscle functions.

Adam, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

“in the last two months I’ve lost 5kg, my strength has increased markedly”

John_Surry hills

I’ve been training with Dangerously Fit for two months.

A long time gym user, I found myself in a bit if a rut and my body not responding to exercise in the way that it was when I was a little younger.

My goals were/are to lose weight and increase muscle tone and fitness.

I like to be pushed fairly hard and Dan is a fantastic motivator pushing me well beyond what I think my limits are with a combination of old school weights, functional core work and a range of cardio activities to increase fitness.

In the last two months I’ve lost 5kg, my strength has increased markedly as well as a definite improvement in muscle tone and fitness.

John West, Surry Hills, Sydney

“now heading towards a 6 pack, having lost that 4kgs and gaining 3kgs of muscle”

I have never been massively overweight, my weight has always fluctuated 5kgs, as has my motivation!

I was never able to lose the spare tyre around my waist. Due to a hectic and erratic schedule I found it difficult to stick to any plan.

With the help of Dangerously Fit I toned up and got fit really fast and am now heading towards a 6 pack!

Having lost that 4 kg’s and gaining 3 kg’s of muscle everyone I know keeps commenting on how good I look.

Koren Dowling, Bondi Beach, Sydney