“Sydney Running Group Will Improve Your Speed,
Increase Your Stamina and Get You Fit… Fast!”

From: Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Personal Training
Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, NSW


Do you find running difficult?

Dear Eastern Suburbs Resident,

bluebullet Do you find running hard and a real chore!

bluebullet Do you struggle to keep up with your friends when you go for a social jog?

bluebullet Do you find it difficult to increase your endurance and break through plateaus?

bluebullet Do you find running on the treadmill at your local gym boring and tedious?

Don’t worry you are not alone… and there is an answer!

Dangerously Fit Running Club in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

Dangerously Fit Running Club in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Hey, I’m Dan Clay – owner of DangerouslyFit… Sydney’s most fun & effective fitness program.

Every Saturday morning a group of likeminded Sydneysiders are getting together for a fitness program like no other.

Our Centennial Park running classes are fun, affordable and extremely effective.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie runner or a seasoned pro, the sessions are designed so everyone get’s a good workout… and no-one get’s left behind!

stair running

Learn to love the burn!

It’s important to us that you enjoy the running group and have fun in the process… which is why we vary the sessions so you never get bored.

One week we might focus on stamina, another week speed, the next could be strength – no two running sessions are ever the same!

Plus… our running group is extremely affordable so everyone can join in.

There’s no point in hiring an expensive personal trainer when you can get better results and have much more fun for a fraction of the price.

With our Eastern Suburbs running group you will:

2 bullet Feel great

2 bullet Have fun

2 bullet Meet new friends

2 bullet Lose weight

2 bullet Reduce stress

2 bullet And so much more

Centennial Park Sydney

Start your Saturday with a run in Centennial Park

Why plod away on a boring treadmill when you can enjoy a nice Saturday morning run in the beautiful Centennial parklands and the surrounding suburbs?

First, please understand we can only accept a limited number of people into the running group without it turning into a huge fun run – which I have no interest in doing.

… I want to make sure you get plenty of attention from our running instructors so you can achieve your fitness goals.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then here’s what you need to do.

Wishing the best of health,

Dan Clay

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