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Aqua Bulgarian Bag

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The Dangerously Fit Aqua Bulgarian Bag combines the versatility of the Bulgarian Bag with the dynamic force of water to build strength, stability and explosive power like no other training tool on the market. Train at home without damaging the floors or fold it up and take it with you on the road wherever you go.

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The Dangerously Fit Aqua Bulgarian Bag is friendly on the shoulders, chest and wrists making exercises performed in the front rack and shoulder rack comfortable for the user… and if dropped, won’t damage your feet or the floor.

The body is made from highly durable PVC and has two strong sturdy straps for swinging movements and two handles on top for pushing and pulling exercises.

It can be easily folded and packed away into luggage for travel and comes with a handy pump to re-inflate, just add water and air and you’re all set!

  • Pick up the Aqua Bulgarian Bag and instantly discover the unforgiving properties of training with water. Feel the entire weight flow freely through the bag from one side to the other amplifying the slightest of movements.
  • The ultimate travel training tool… train anywhere, anytime. Just quickly fill with water and air and you’re ready for a killer workout!
  • The Aqua Bulgarian bag is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market. Grip, grapple, grab, throw, carry, swing, pull and press the bag in an almost endless number of ways.
  • The crescent shape bag contours the body perfectly making traditional strength training movements like squats, lunges and good mornings comfortable to perform.
  • Dynamic responsive training (unstable resistance training) builds full body stability from the ground up and is scientifically proven to achieve greater core activation.
  • Fun full-body flow workouts targeting over 300 muscles ensure maximum results in minimum time.
  • Save money buying one bag that can be filled to your desired weight by simply adding more water to increase the resistance as you become stronger. Starts at 1kg empty and fills up to a maximum of 17kg (37.5lbs).


  • One-way valve.
  • Fills to a maximum of 17kg (37.5 lbs).
  • Size: L = 72cm x H = 43cm x W = 20cm.
  • Made from PVC, polyester and plastic.
  • Black handles, straps and transparent body.
  • Lightweight at only 940 grams.
  • Can be easily folded and packed into luggage.
  • Air pump included.
aqua exercise bag


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 22 × 10 cm

PVC, Polyester & Plastic.


Black Handles, Straps & Transparent Body.

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  1. Daniel P. (verified owner)

    I travel a lot and this is perfect for taking with me. It adds a lot more to a normal hotel room workout.

  2. Luke B. (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of kit, follow up videos after purchase are also excellent.

  3. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Having never heard of a Bulgarian bag prior to purchase, I was on the fence about buying the Aqua Bag. However, this is one of the best bits of fitness kit I have ever bought!

    1) It is easily set up and packed down.

    2) It is suitable for travelling and is able to be emptied and stowed away when not in use.

    3) The instructional videos on Youtube and in the Facebook group from Dan are great and help to build fluency with core and advanced exercises.

    4) You can scale up or scale down the amount of resistance or complexity of the exercises by adjusting the water level and hand positions.

    5) Working out with the Aqua bag is fun and challenging.

    I own a 16kg Kettlebell, TRX style suspension training system, adjustable dumbells and resistance tubing system. Given the limited access to gyms during the lockdowns, the Aqua Bag has been a great addition to my home gym and park workouts. I can’t rate the Aqua Bag highly enough it’s awesome!

  4. Steve G. (verified owner)

    A perfect marriage! A Bulgarian bag with an aqua component. Excellent for the core and making your workout just a little bit different. Great quality too! Built to last! I liked it so much, I bought two!

  5. Shawn Gray (verified owner)

    My favourite work out tool at the moment. Its built tough, easy to take travelling, indoor/ outdoor use. Full core work out love it. ❤😁

  6. Robert G. (verified owner)

    All good. A great addition with my kettlebells.

  7. Stephan T. (verified owner)

    Well put together and very fun to work with. Good value for the price. I found it too light at 1/3 full, being accustomed to 16 kg and 24 kg kettlebells, but once you get it fuller, the dynamic aspect makes it move quite a bit heavier. Do watch Dan’s videos to get oriented.

    If you’re an American like me, pro tip for measuring vinegar to keep the water from clouding: 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg.

    Warning: now I find myself wanting more gear from DF. How about those sand bags, huh?

  8. Michael c. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, great product… happy customer!

  9. Doris (verified owner)

    High quality, fast delivery and at a reasonable price.

  10. Trevor Jones (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit. Strong, durable and versatile. It’s become a regular in my workouts.

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