A strong core is a critical component to a healthy body. Whether your’e a professional athlete or a desk jockey, an integrated core corrects hip imbalances, reduces back pain and makes you more resilient to injury.

The Breath Belt is a unique training tool that immediately enhances diaphragmatic breathing that has real world benefits for people in all walks of life.

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  • Prevent injury via tactile breath cues.
  • Improve performance by enhancing diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Switch on the psoas & QL muscles via tactile breath cues to stabilize the spine helping to reduce back pain.
  • Increase lung capacity & allow your nervous system to maintain a relaxed state and regulate stress.
  • Actively lengthen the abs, tight hip flexors, decompress the lumbar spine and correctly align the hips.
  • Breathing better, deeper and fuller results in faster recovery between workouts.
  • Train intra abdominal pressure – Encourage an unrestricted diaphragm, allowing the abdominals to maintain their elasticity.
  • Keeps the hips balanced during pre and post operation or whilst in rehabilitation.
  • Compresses and supports the sacroiliac joints, helping to relieve stress and instability whilst promoting neutral hip alignment for people with anterior pelvic tilt.

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