The Dangerously Fit 6 Week Challenge team trainers have been announced… this year as well as the nutritionist… each team will have a head trainer to coach and motivate you through the 6-Week Body Challenge.

So there’ll be individual winners, team winners and it’ll be trainer against trainer  – kinda like the biggest loser… but better 😉

The teams will be as follows…

Dan – Blue Team
Coogee, Bondi,

Bart – Green Team
Domain, Hyde Park, Balmain,

Helen – Red Team
Brighton, Kogarah, Mortdale

Michael – Yellow Team
Rushcutters Bay, Queens Park, Maroubra  

21st August 2015:

This week I’m introducing Bart.

Bart will be team trainer of Hyde Park, Balmain and The Domain.

Here’s a quick video of Bart and myself… Bart runs us through a quick 2-minute bodyweight workout you can do at home or at your local park, these are the types of workouts we do at Dangerously Fit.

This workout might look simple but it’s a real toughie!

It’s called a mixed Tabata;
20 seconds work
10 seconds rest
Repeat 8 times
For 4 minutes of total work.

You can vary the exercises for a second round to target different muscles.

These workouts are short and sharp and will get you fit in no time.

Watch it here…


Check back next week to meet your St George 6 Week Body Challenge team trainer.

Update: 28th August 2015

This week I’m with Helen… our St George trainer, Helen will be 6 Week Body team coach of Brighton, Mortdale and Kogarah.

Here’s a quick introduction of Helen when we met at Dolls Point Beach the other week.

Helen runs us through a Dangerously Fit cross training style workout, working through the different movement patterns with big compound exercises and mixing it up cardio.

These metabolic conditioning style workouts are highly effective for burning fat and firing up the metabolism, and when you add soft sand training to mix you add a whole new dimension to your training.

Watch it here…


Here’s the workout…

Station 1: Dumbbell Squat Thrust and Squat Press
20 Metre soft sand sprint
Station 2: Medicine Ball Sit Up
20 Metre soft sand sprint
Station 3: Kettlebell Swings
20 Metre soft sand sprint
Station 4: Powerbag Deadlifts
20 Metre soft sand sprint
Station 5: Burpee Broad Jump & Squat
20 Metre soft sand sprint
Station 6: Powerband Upright Rows
20 Metre soft sand sprint

This workout can either be done for time or reps.

Check back next week to meet Michael… your Rushcutters Bay, Queens Park and Maroubra trainer.

Update: 7th September 2015

This week I’m in Rushcutters Bay with Michael.

Michael will be our team trainer at Rushcutters Bay, Queens Park and Maroubra.

Here’s a quick introduction workout of Michael running us through a Dangerously Fit cross training style workout.

This workout can be done for time i.e 60 seconds per station, or for reps where you perform say 10 reps then move directly onto the next station… and completing as many sets as possible in a given time (usually 15-20 mins).

Some of these exercises are advanced, during our regular workouts we always give a beginner and advanced variation of each exercise.

However, to keep the video short Michael just demonstrates the advanced variation.

Watch it here…


Here’s the workout…

Station 1: Rope Slams into Rope Pull
Station 2: Medicine Ball Squat Thrust into Overhead Throw
Station 3: Dumbbell bear crawl, mountain climber and pushup rows
Station 4: Kettlebell Squat Press and Halo
Station 5: Inverted Rows
Bonus Station: Plank Walk into Hand Clap Pushup (advanced), Plank Walk into Pushup (intermediate) or Plank Walk (beginner)

The 6-Week Body Challenge is kicking off this Saturday the 12th September, this is your last chance to register… registration closes 6pm Friday!

As of writing we only have 5 places left, don’t miss out… book your spot TODAY!

Train Hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit