Huge start to the 2016 Spring 6-Week Body Challenge on Bondi Beach!

We started the Saturday Fat Burn series with a Cross Training workout followed by a bodyweight finisher.

It was a close finish in the team relay, with the red team just edging out the blues and whites to take the first win. It looks like this challenge will be a close one.

Well done everyone for powering through a tough workout.

1 down and 5 to go… See you at Cooper Park for the Stairway to Heaven Workout.

Bondi Week 1

Bondi 6WB Workout

Bondi Sunrise


Week 2 of the 6-week challenge done!

The workout was split into 3 phases; stairs, run and strength… the Cooper Park stairs always offer a challenging workout for our DF crew.

Another win for reds this week with a little bit of luck from the deck of cards, the reds are now leading the series 2-0-0.

But, there’s still plenty of time for the blues and whites to make a comeback.

2 down and 4 to go… Have a great week and I’ll see you Saturday in Queens Park for Rope Mania.

Blue Team

Red Team

White Team

Week 3 – ROPE MANIA!

Week 3 of the 6 week challenge done, and as always a real challenging workout for our transformers.

The session consisted of 60 minutes of team rope training on Queens Park’s large rolling hills.

For the 3rd week in a row the red team won this weeks team game with a 200 meter rope sprint to the finishing line.

3 down and 3 to go, we’re now at the critical 21 day mark… the next 7 days will make or break you – stick with it this week and you’ll be there for the finish.

Have a great week and I’ll see you next week at the SUPAHILLS!

Rope Mania

Rope Mania Blue and Red Team

Rope Mania White Team


4 Weeks into the challenge and we’re now beginning to separate the men from the boys (or ladies from the girls).

Over a dozen sprints completed by each transformer combined with cross training for good measure.

The white team won this weeks team game, closing the gap on the reds to 3-1-0… with two more Saturday sessions to go and everything still to play for!

Have a great week and I’ll see you on Saturday for the big one and the one we’ve all be waiting for – Balmoral Burn!

Supa Hill

6WB Singlet

Ches from the Blue Team


Well done to everyone who made it to Balmoral Beach on Saturday, an excellent turnout from the DF Crew!

Week 5 is always the toughest and this week was no different.

With the Cronulla Sand Dunes closed for an event where better to hold week 5 than the Balmoral Burn.

A massive 420 meter hill with beach training thrown in for good measure.

Well done to the Blue Team for winning this weeks team game, the series now 3-1-1 with the Reds leading.

5 down and 1 to go… this week is the last round of the challenge with the final weigh-ins and workout at Kippax Lake.

See you soon!

Balmoral Burn

Eline at the Balmoral Burn

Balmoral Beach

Week 6 – THE FINAL!

Well done to everyone who made it to the final on Saturday in the rain.

The Dangerously Fit 6 week challenge is more than just a weight loss program… we designed the challenge to change you mentally, physically and to program new habits into your lifestyle that you can continue long after the challenge has finished.

As usual, only the most focused and dedicated members finished the 6 weeks, and we had many fantastic results at the weigh in.

A big congratulations to our winners Graeme and Marianne… and to the red team who won the team event 4-1-1!

6WB Winners Graeme and Marianne

Here are the winners results;

Graeme lost 13.1 kilos and 14.04% of his total bodyweight 👏

Marianne lost 9.7 kilos and 11.93 of her total bodyweight 👏

All this in just 6 weeks!

Check Out Graeme’s Results Here:

Check out Marianne’s Results Here:

Till our Summer challenge in January 2017!