The Aqua power bag Russian twist is a great exercise for developing core strength and stabilisation. The addition of water moving from side to side makes this challenging exercise even more demanding. Start with the bag close to the trunk and only progress the movement overhead when you have sufficient core strength and stability.

Teaching Points

  1. Start the movement by sitting on the ground with your Aqua Power Bag placed next to you.
  2. Lean back until you feel your abs contract.
  3. Keep your core braced and spine neutral throughout the movement.
  4. Elevate your feet from the floor and cross the legs for more stability, try to keep your feet at stationary as possible.
  5. Grab the bag by the neutral handles and keep it close to the body.
  6. Slowly rotate the thoracic keeping your eyes fixed on the bag until the it reaches the other side of the body.
  7. Repeat the movement for time or reps.
  8. To progress the exercise press the bag overhead to increase the leverage.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Slouching or rounding the spine.
Correction: Maintain a neutral spine throughout.